4 Best Mobile Photo Editing Apps For Beginners

Hi, guys how are you? I hope you are going well. Welcome to our article. Today in this article we are talking about 4 best mobile photo editing apps for beginners. If you are a beginner and you want to edit your photos like a professional then this article will help. So without wasting any more time let’s start the article.


Darkroom photo editer

Darkroom is a photo editing app. It provides you with so many amazing tools to edit your photos.


  1.  filters
    Darkroom has a wide range of filters, You can use any filter you want. And you can also increase or decrease the intensity of the filter by double-tapping it.
  2. color tuning
    In this, you can set the background and foreground color of your picture separately and you can also fine-tune any colors of your picture. Click on plus icon and now all options will be shown to you. now you can click the subject option and see your body was automatically selected and you can adjust the brightness of your body. This is a very next-level feature. Next, you can also tune the background to your liking by clicking on the background option, You can also blur the background and improve the depth range by clicking the depth range option this will prominent your body more and last you can edit specific colors of your picture by using RGP color option this will give you a wide range of option to edit any color in your picture you want
  3.  Format Option
    this option gives you all types of formats you can choose your format according to your preference and it will not crop your picture you can also give colors to your picture background according to you
  4.  Export Option
    this app gives you many types of export options. if you want to share your edited picture share directly to your social media you can use export other apps option icon by using this option you can share your photos to any of your social media such as Facebook Instagram etc by clicking the option of sharing other apps icon and if you want to save your edit picture into your gallery then you click the save icon and the app will export the picture into your gallery



lightroom mobile

Lightroom is a pro-level editing app. For you to edit your photos. It has very cool features.


  1. Color Grading
    As soon as you go into Lightroom Color grading you will have three options. highlight shadows and midtones you can adjust all of them individually. It gives you a circle icon. it means whatever color you want to adjust in your image in a complete spectrum you can adjust in all three of them highlights and shadows mid-tones
  2.  HSL Tool
    when you click on the hsl icon. you will see the hue, saturation, and luminance options. it gives you 8 primary color saturation options such as red green orange yellow blue etc. You can adjust the brightness, hue, and saturation individually of the colors. Imagine if you edit only green color you can edit it very easily.
  3.  Dehaze Tool
    In this feature, if you have a very good landscape or a sky image you will increase the percentage of dehaze. according to your preference and you will see it gives your image more clarity, impact, and a very good color boost



snapseed editing app

Snapseed is a very easy-to-use edit app for you. it has a very simple interface and you can edit your photos so easily by using Snapseed.


  1.  Selective
    Selective is one of the best feature of Snapseed. By going to the selective tool and taping any point in your image you want and expand it. now you can adjust brightness contrast clarity sharpness in this selective point.
  2. Expand Tool
    if you want the white background in your picture for your social media apps then this tool is for you. You add white background by using it white background option in your image and if you want to expand your pictures then you click the smart background option and you will see it’s very smartly expanding your image and making the picture wider.
  3.  Portrait and Head Pose
    this is a very cool feature. if you want to smooth your face you can do this with this tool and if you want to adjust the brightness of your face this tool will help you. you can also adjust your smile of yours in the head pose tool and also you can adjust your focal length of yours.



vsco editing app

Vsco is a leading photo editor that nurtures the creative journey with 200+ premium quality presets and tools.


  1.  Presets
    In vsco app you have a crazy amount of presets with different types of filters you can select whatever you want it’s totally up to you and your choice if you want to add a vintage look to your portraits you can apply a series of filters or if you want bit colder look in your portrait you can apply c series filters. After selecting your preset you can also adjust the intensity. it gives you a slighter to adjust your intensity.
  2.  Exposure & Contrast
    If you want to increase or decrease brightness in your portraits you can use the exposure slider to increase or decrease your portraits brightness. if your portraits are a bit darker you can increase the exposure slider. Contrast is basically going to make your whites whiter and your blacks blacker. So when you increase the contrast you are just making the difference between you more drastic.
  3.  Edit History
    if you want to replace or fix something in your edit then you can use this feature.


So these are the 4 best mobile photo editing apps for a beginner. hope you learn something new from this article. this is all for today. See you in the next article bye

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