Top 9 BEST Android Productivity Apps for Android Users in 2024


These 9 Android apps will absolutely help you stay a lot more productive and also help you organize your life and make it a lot more easier. Some of the apps mentioned in the list are cross-platformed, hence if you’re using an iPhone you still would have options.

So in case you’re new over here, hey guys my name is Shahid and I have been a blogger for sense 4 years. Also, I’ve been an iOS and Android user for the past 10 years. I also love to write blogs to share my knowledge in the form of blogs with more and more people.

Top 9 BEST Android Productivity Apps for Android Users That Every Android User You Needs To Download in 2024

Habitify: Habit Tracker

Habitify app logo

The first app on the list is Habitify. This is my habit-tracking app of choice and I use it every single day of my life. As the name suggests you can add and track your habits, it’s really satisfying to check off your habits every day.

But along with tracking your habits, it can also help you take control of your bad habits. For example, if you want to quit smoking, you can simply add it as a bad habit in this app. And it will create a timer for you to show the number of days that have passed since you last smoked.

So if you want to be more accountable for your bad habits then this app can actually help you in that matter. You can even configure this app to remind you to finish your habits from time to time. If you have any fitness goals, it can actually sync with Apple Health and mark your habit as complete automatically.

But the thing is that as of now it only syncs with Apple Health so you can only get this benefit if you have an iPhone. I hope the developers optimize the Android app to sync with Google Fit as well. Leaving this detail aside, it’s actually a great habit-tracking app and I definitely recommend that you give this a try.

CleverType – AI Keyboard

CleverType - AI Keyboard app

Clevertype is the next app on the list. It’s basically a keyboard app on steroids. What makes this keyboard unique is that it has ChatGPT built-in. So every time you type something like a question or a query, it will directly search it up on ChatGPT.

This will allow you to directly reply to emails straight within the gmail app and thereby helping you save some time in that process. I previously wrote an article on how you can use ChatGPT to its full potential and stay productive.

You can also fix your grammar using this keyboard. And it also has an AI feature called Wordtone. This allows you to convert the speech style of your text.

For example you typed something casually, but you want to sound professional in that given conversation, you can simply ask Wordtone to convert your text into a more professional-sounding speech.

Along with all these, you can also translate text straight inside your Clevertype, you won’t need to Google up the translation. Pop-Up Widget 3. As the name suggests, it’s a widget app. This app allows you to create.

Popup Widget

Popup Widget app

Next up is Popup Widget As the name suggests, it’s a widget app. This app allows you to create shortcuts to all your existing apps. For example, let me create a shortcut to my to-do list app. Now every time I press that shortcut, it will create this pop-up showing me all my tasks for the day. Hence I won’t really have to open my Todo list app and I still would be able to view and complete my tasks.

You can create widgets for any app this way, you can create a Spotify or Audible shortcut and you can play your last played song or audiobook this way. This app will help you save some clicks and it also won’t take your entire screen hostage like traditional widgets.

Link to Windows

Link to Windows app

The next app is Link to Windows. This app was developed by Microsoft themselves to help you get a similar experience to that of the Apple Ecosystem. Setting up this app is really simple. Your desktop should have Phone Link installed by default, if not then you download it from the Microsoft Store.

Once the setup process is done, you will receive all the notifications from your Android device on your computer. You can receive texts, calls, and other notifications, and you even call some someone straight from your computer as it will have all your contacts synced.

You will also have access to your photos, hence you can view and transfer your photos from your phone’s gallery quite easily. If you love Android and but you want to be a part of an ecosystem then this is the closest you can get.

Microsoft To Do: Lists & Tasks

Microsoft To Do app

talking of Microsoft. Check out Microsoft Todo. It’s one of the most cleanest to-do list apps. Since you’re using Android it is safe for me to assume that you love to customize your phone. MS Todo is one of the rare task management apps that allows you to customize the appearance.

You can switch between different themes or you can upload your own. The best part about MS Todo is that it’s a completely free app. You do not have to pay for any subscription nor there are any in-app purchases.

When it comes to the basics, it does them quite well. You can easily create a new tasks or a subtasks. It allows you to set reminders and deadlines for your tasks. You can also create separate lists, a grocery shopping list for example. This will allow you to organize your tasks into different projects.

Otter: Transcribe Voice Notes

Otter Transcribe Voice Notes app

Otter is the next app on the list. It’s again a note-taking app but slightly different. You take notes using your voice in this app. I often use my Voice recorder app when I want to record something so that I don’t forget about it later.

But instead of using the Voice recorder, I have started to use this app. Otter basically converts anything said into text. Now you can simply read and copy-paste this text into any Note-taking app. It really makes it really convenient and the accuracy is quite high actually.

I have an Indian accent but I was still able to transcribe what I said quite nicely. It also stores your voice recording as an audio file so you can still keep using this as your voice recording app of choice. I sometimes use this app to write my article when I really feel too lazy to type. I can simply lie on my couch and get some work done this way.

TimeBloc: Visual Daily Planner

TimeBloc app

Timebloc is next on this list. This app follows the time blocking method, if you don’t know what time blocking is a productivity technique that involves scheduling specific blocks of time for different tasks, activities, or projects.

It is a method used to manage and allocate time effectively. This app allows you to plan your day in advance and thereby helping you stay a lot more productive. It syncs with other calendar apps like Google Calendar for example.

This will automatically import your events on Google Calendars and also import any previous time block that you might have created. If you have never used the time blocking method then I highly recommend that you give this method a try.

It will really help you to stay productive and not waste time doing random crap. If you don’t want to use any external app, you can simply get started with this method using Google Calendar.

Ratio: Productivity Homescreen

Ratio app

If every other productivity hack fails, try using Ratio Launcher. This launcher will basically create a decluttered workspace for you and everything will be minimal and all the apps will be black and white in color. This will make you want to use your phone less often.

You can create different folders, or drawers as they call them, containing different apps. Only keep your work-related apps in these folders, that way you will be able to avoid distractions. You can even set usage goals for all your apps, that way you won’t be able to open any distracting apps once its time limit is over.

It’s a very minimal launcher hence you won’t get distracted by everything modern technology has to offer and thereby you can be more in the zone and be more mindful. We often ignore the mindfulness aspect when it comes to productivity. Sometimes we just have to take things slow and take a break in order to stay more productive throughout.

Insight Timer – Meditation App

Insight Timer app

Next up is Insight Timer. Will help you in that process. All other similar apps are always behind a paywall. But you get a lot of free and useful content in Insight Timer. It’s basically a mindfulness app, it has different meditative and breathing exercises that will help you relax and take a break.

I have started doing various mindfulness practices myself, if I can do it being a lazy person myself then you surely can do it as well. You can track your progress to keep yourself motivated. You can add journal entries in this app and it also has these mood check-ins to reflect on your current mood and mental well-being over time.

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