Alright, so this thing changed my life. The thing about these apps is, you surely need time to get used to it. But once you cross over that phase, they’ll simply take over your life for the better. So guys in case you’re new over here, my name is Shahid and I have been a blogger for sense 4 years.

Also, I’ve been an Apple iOS and Android user for the past 10 years. Also, I love to write blogs to share my knowledge in the form of blogs with more and more people. So on that note without wasting any more time let’s get started.


Wallet: Budget Expense Tracker


Number one. WalletApp. This has been a crucial part of my life. I used to spend mindlessly and at the end of every month I used to think, where did all my money fly off? People used to say that we should keep a budget and blah blah. We all know that. I even read books about budgeting and stuff but it was all too complex for me. And I’m very lazy. Sitting down and writing my expenses was really a drag.

Later I  discovered this app and it made my life so much easier. Like I previously mentioned I needed some time to get used to this habit but once I did, I got a clear view of my finances. This app is simple. Just note down your expenses right when you make a payment.

Nowadays we mostly pay online everywhere. So we of course we will be using our phones. One simple change we can make is that, we can keep this app just beside our payment app. Be it PayPal or Google Pay, whatever you’re into. Just note down your expenses instantly.

Doesn’t matter if you paid for a new car or you simply paid for a cigarette. Note them down. No matter how small the amount is. Just note them down. You can even set a budget in this app if that’s something you might need. You can categorize your spending into different categories. This way you’ll exactly be able to find out where most of your income went.

Also, I have a tip for you guys though, only note down your expenses down in this app. Don’t note down your income here. That way our graphs will always be in negative. Thereby making us consciously decide how we spend our money. Maybe you can actually afford something that you want but seeing that negative graph will make you reconsider for a moment. Quite handy this is.

Sleep Cycle
Sleep Cycle app

Next up is the Sleep Cycle app. I’ve been using this app since 2019 most likely. But now I’ve totally replaced my alarm clock with this app. I don’t have to deal with the annoying iPhone alarm anymore. What the alarm basically does is wake us up in the middle of a sleep cycle hence we wake up all grumpy.

You might have heard this somewhere, studies show that we should avoid hitting the snooze button. If we snooze our alarm and go back to sleep, what happens is that our body starts a sleep cycle again, and thereby we again break the cycle after 5 minutes cause we hit the snooze button. Snoozing the alarm is actually even worse. You’ll feel even more grumpy.

The most ideal way to wake up is when a sleep cycle ends. But, how do we do that? This app does that exactly. Suppose you wanted to wake up at 7:30 AM, this app will simply set a wake-up duration and it will automatically wake you up when you’re in light sleep or you’re actually awake.

I have gotten used to this app so much that I myself wake up before 7:30 AM and I wait and see when it’s actually gonna ring the alarm. And to my surprise, it almost does that instantly. I  have no idea how it’s doing this, but it actually works. I used to be a complete night owl, but ever since I’ve started using this app, I have been able to fix my sleep schedule as well and I now wake up fresh.

I don’t feel lethargic anymore and also I don’t go into existential crisis every time I wake up. Also if you sleep with someone, don’t worry it will be able to differentiate you from the other person. It gives me a lot of stats on how I can improve my sleep quality as well and it has the graph view where you can track how you slept over the months. It will also help you figure out the factors that hinder your sleep.

Audible: Audio Entertainment


Next up is the Audible app. I never thought I would be actually listing this, but this app has changed my life truly. I’m an avid book reader. I read a lot of books myself. I still prefer reading from physical paper books. It actually makes you feel good reading books. But the issue I was facing was that I had so many tasks piled up, that it was really difficult for me to allocate time just for reading books.

I’ll be honest it was becoming very difficult for me, no matter how much I kept it in priority. Listening to audiobooks has actually helped in that aspect. Plus I’m able to finish the books even faster as I often listen to them on 2x speed. I’m a faculty at a music school, hence when I’m at work, I have to listen to music all day.

Therefore I don’t really enjoy listening to music while commuting anymore. I simply just plug in my AirPods and listen to my favourite audiobooks, I don’t really enjoy podcasts anymore, as most of the podcasts I used to enjoy have gotten big and thereby they have become more commercially focused. I don’t enjoy that anymore.

Hence I found this habit to be more useful. I’m being able to consume the wisdom of books while traveling on a bus for example. Audible actually allowed me to read more books, rather I should say, listen to more audiobooks.

I still read books when I truly want to, as reading is a very mindful habit in itself. But if you’re struggling to take out time to read books, as you really need to be focused while reading books.

Try listening to audiobooks, in that case. It’ll really help you in that aspect. This has surely been a game-changing app for me. I was able to consume more books without having to sacrifice anything else on the go.

Todoist: to-do list & planner

Todoist app icon

So the second last app in our list is called the Todoist app. I’ve featured this app in before. But this app particularly has changed my life totally. Earlier I just used to note down my tasks here and use it as a typical to-do list. But now I basically run my entire life using this app. As the name suggests it’s a to-do list app. You can add your tasks and mark them as complete. Of course, we know that.

But, it has this weekly calendar view. It helps me get a clear understanding of how my week is going to look like. I’m able to pre-plan all my tasks this way, this practice has surely helped me stay more organized and achieve my goals on time. Earlier I used to manage my projects using Notion. But the major setback of Notion was that, first, it was very slow. Secondly, it doesn’t work offline.

You need an internet connection. You need things to be snappy to get things done quickly. I still use Notion as a database and store other information of course. But I do all the planning-related stuff here on Todoist now. It has these project folders which can be really useful. I’ve even created a project folder for my 2024 goals, it consists of everything I want to achieve this year.

Another aspect of Todoist I really enjoy is that it supports simple language. I can simply type ‘script the video at 10 am on Monday’ and it will create a time-centric task that way. Also, we are able to create recurring tasks quite easily. I can simply type ‘Take Online Class every Tuesday and Thursday at 5 PM’ and it will create a recurring task for us.

Habitify: Habit Tracker
Habitify app logo

So the final app is our list is called the Habitify app. I’ve been using Habitify as my habit-tracking app and I absolutely love it. Similar to Todoist, I use this app every single day of my life. As the name suggests you can add and track your habits, it’s really satisfying to check off your habits every day.

If there’s a habit that you wanted to implement for a long time but have been procrastinating regarding that, now is the best time to get started. We also have one extra day this year on top of that. But along with tracking your habits, it can also help you take control of your bad habits. For example, if you want to quit smoking, you can simply add it as a bad habit in this app.

And it will actually create a timer for you showcasing the number of days that have passed since you last smoked. So if you want to be more accountable for your bad habits then this app can actually help you in that matter. You can even configure this app to remind you to finish your habits on time. If you have any fitness goals, it can actually sync with Apple Health and automatically mark your habit as complete.

I’ve been using that feature a lot lately in order to track my boxing sessions. I have been trying to take my fitness seriously this year and Habitify has surely helped me in that aspect. It’s a great habit-tracking app and looks really clean so I definitely recommend that you give this a try.

Ending Note: So that was the 5 CHANGING-LIFE APPS. So if you’re on the hunt for any CHANGING-LIFE APPS, hopefully, this article will meet your expectations and help you to find the best CHANGING-LIFE APPS for you. You can download all of the apps from the Google Play Store. and well it’s just pretty much it for today’s article. if you find our article helpful for you then don’t forget to hear it from your friends and family. and we will see you in future with another very useful article so tell them goodbye.

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