A Best And Complete Comparison Of Spotify Vs Apple Music Vs YouTube Music | Which Should You Buy?


So are you looking for the best music app for the best music listening experience? Then you probably heard about Spotify vs Apple Music vs YouTube music. And if you are wondering which app you should download to listen to the music. Then we come with this article here we compare all three of these music apps and give you a side-by-side comparison of Apple Music vs Spotify vs YouTube music. So make sure to read our full article for this comparison of Spotify vs Apple Music vs YouTube music. So without wasting any more time let’s start today’s comparison.

Complete Comparison Of Spotify Vs Apple Music Vs YouTube Music | Which Should You Need To Buy For Best Music Experience?

Well everyone it’s time for us to go ahead and talk about the differences and kind of compare three of the largest streaming services for music these are Spotify Apple Music and YouTube Premium now I love these things a lot I’ve been using all these for the most part for the last few months now and I made separate videos kind of combining and talking about the differences between these and I will tell you there really isn’t a coherent winner between all these

Free Trials

If you’re somebody who wants to go ahead and have a somewhat free trial or free method. So all of these apps offer free trials. So Apple Music has a three-month free trial for all the features and the Spotify Premium free trial and YouTube Music is the same exact thing. But only two of these actually offer a free plan. So Apple Music does not offer a free plan it’s a three-month free trial and then that’s it.

if you don’t want to pay it after you will not be able to use Apple Music in any capacity with Spotify Premium you can still listen to these songs with ads which I think is awesome. you can also you know download these for offline listening. And YouTube music is pretty much the same exact thing you can listen to the music for free with ads but you don’t get any downloads. You don’t get any offline listening and you don’t get any background play which is kind of annoying i don’t know why but regardless that is probably one of the bigger things to keep in mind.


Now in terms of the plans and the costs themselves they are all roughly around the same thing so there really isn’t that big of a difference, I will say in terms of the price tag. They all offer student plans, standard plans, and family plans as well. So with the student plan if you’re somebody who’s a student they are all pretty much five dollars a month.

So if you’re a student you’ll be able to use all these you know specific you know offerings from these applications for five dollars a month which I think is great. The standard plan is that if you’re an individual, not a student whatever they are all around ten dollars a month so that as I mentioned they’re around the same price there really isn’t that big of a difference between all of them.

Song Library

Now in terms of the song library right now it does look like as of right now apple music is pretty much the leader in terms of how many songs they have available on their platform but I don’t think that’s a reason to go for Apple Music I think all the songs that are available on apple music is pretty much there on Spotify premium it really just is with youtube music is kind of the one that may be on the back burner a little bit.

I will say from my experience I have been able to find a lot of songs within YouTube music so I don’t think that’s a deal breaker in my opinion and I don’t really think that’s the reason why I wouldn’t pick up YouTube music or listen to it but as I mentioned with apple music that is somewhat of the leader.

Album Releases

There’s also a big thing with releases of albums one thing I’ve seen for many many years now probably since even like I’ve been listening to music is that any time an artist goes ahead and releases a new album or whatever a majority of the time it’s usually on Spotify or apple music first. And sometimes it can even be a Spotify premium you know exclusive or Apple music you know exclusive for the first like two days or the first day or something like.

That’s happened a few times like I don’t really remember exactly which albums but a few artists have kind of teamed up with these specific applications and you know released them on their you know platforms a little bit earlier. But over time all these applications end up getting the songs so if you’re trying to listen to some older songs or some songs from you know maybe a year ago well then they’re going to be available most probably on all the platforms.

So again that is probably one of the bigger things to keep in mind but like I mentioned when you have Spotify the free version or you have you know YouTube music to the free version you can. just listen to those and not have to go ahead and you know bother about oh you know which one is the better one or you know do I have to have this plan or this plan you can just create a free account and just listen to the songs there so it’s not really that big of a deal.

Free Plans

Now let’s talk about Free Plans Apple Music is the only one that does not offer a free plan but this kind of makes sense as well mostly because of you the quote-unquote better audio experience you can get from Apple Music, especially on your Apple products. So I will say if you’re somebody who owns a lot of Apple products you have a MacBook iMac you have an iPhone and an Apple watch, and airpods.

Going with Apple Music may be the better choice for a lot of people and just because of a better experience overall the better audio quality. it merges very well with your other Apple products and even with your Apple watch it works really well with those too.

Now on top of that Spotify, I do think is probably the best one if you want to go ahead and get a plan on all your products. So if you have a Windows computer, or if you have an Android, or if you have an iPhone, if you have a Mac if you have all these products Spotify is the one that I think works the best.

I love how you can just go ahead especially if you’re somebody who already has their music curated on Spotify they’re spending a lot of money I think on their podcast realm and I think over time the growth within Spotify there’s a little bit more there than with Apple Music or even with you know YouTube music, to be honest, I feel like youtube music still has probably the most that has to grow.


So when it comes down to it my hierarchy would probably be Spotify number one for pretty much all users out there whether you have whatever devices you have Spotify is probably the one I would recommend the most to you know every single person out there. Now for specific Apple users so if you are somebody who uses a ton of different Apple products it may make sense to use Apple Music they do have a little bit more content in terms of music and everything on that platform.

But I think Spotify is catching up and it may already be in the next few years who knows YouTube music, on the other hand, is probably the one where if you for some reason or just love YouTube music if you love you know that there’s a specific reason why you need youtube music. I do believe there are some plans out there with YouTube Premium that probably offer YouTube music for free.

Ending note: So guide this is the side by side full detail comparison of Spotify vs Apple Music vs YouTube music. So if you are already are user of any of these music apps then make sure to give your opinions in the comments section as well. So this is all for today’s article. if you like our article make sure to share it with your fellow music lovers. You should download these apps from the Google Play store and app store we will. And we will see you in our next article. Bye!

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