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So, you might be on the hunt for a to-do list application, or you’re just nosy and want to know what the hot to-do apps of 2024 are. Today, we’re going to discuss some of those apps that are making waves this year and ones to keep an eye out for.

So, my name is shahid, and I have been a web developer and blogger for the past 10 years, and I have been used multiple productivity apps for over 10 years. And one of the most interesting things to me is to-do list applications. To-do apps have evolved very much in the last couple of years with a focus on planning your day ahead.

Best To-Do List Apps That You Need To Improve Your Productivity


The app I’m going to start with is Akiflow. Now, for those who don’t know, Akiflow has been growing in popularity, and it’s one of these applications that combines calendars and tasks in one. But what a lot of people like about it is it’s very different but very much like the Sama, it has something called task consolidation. And this is going to be a trend I think this year even more so. It’s the concept of dashboard-using your to-do list.

And what I mean by that is bringing all of your tasks into one dashboard view across multiple applications. And while Akiflow has abilities for to-do list management, calendar management, whatever, it also has a way to bring in tasks from apps like Todoist, Slack, Notion, ClickUp, and a couple of other ones.

And that’s really interesting because we’re in the world of trying to make things a lot easier now. And that convenience of having one place to do things, a lot of people looking at Notion for that. But for those who are in teams and those who are more practical in the sense that they have a lot of different things happening around them and want to be able to consolidate, this is one of those apps for that.

Also the Sama does something very similar in terms of consolidation and actually did it much more before Akiflow in the space. But these apps are definitely going to be hot in 2024 and beyond. In an age of AI, I think this is going to be a very interesting one.


The next app is called Structured. Now, you probably haven’t heard me talk about Structured much. I did a review over at More Productive recently, but largely, Structured has sort of gone under the radar with me. It’s more of an aesthetic-looking routine application, but I recently tested their AI assistant in it, and this is where it’s heading in the future.

I think practical to-do lists, and AI, this is what is actually useful. So, I check out a lot of to-do list applications, and I see subtasks being generated with AI. That’s not as useful as you think. It’s just what AI thinks those tasks are going to be. They’re not actually that practical.

Whereas this function in Structured, basically allows you to write or use your keyboard and just say, ‘Tomorrow, I have a flight at 10:00 a.m., a meeting at 2:00 p.m., and I want to try and go on a run at 4:00 p.m.’ And you can just keep going, and basically, it uses, assumingly, ChatGPT to the wrapper to basically spurt out your routine for you, but organized and structured in the app.


Now, that is very helpful because it saves and takes weight out of planning your app. Now, obviously, this sort of segues for my third app is Motion, which does something similar but reorganizes your day ahead. So, these sorts of applications are super interesting because AI actually becomes much more useful in them, versus being less useful and less practical. That is, two apps in one, Structured and Motion, are both on my radar this year as AI applications that are doing to-do list management right.


Next up is Superlist. Superlist launched after, I think, 4 years since it was announced. At least, I don’t know whether this is true, but I just make the assumption that they weren’t allowed to release it until their Microsoft relationship was cut off.

That’s just total speculation, people, don’t come after me, I’m just assuming that’s what happened. The reason it took that long. But, to be fair, development does take a while these days. Superlist is on my list as one of the top or hot to-do apps in this space because what they’ve done very well is release a very well-put-together to-do application.

But they’ve also got a bunch of AI features in there. And yes, some of the AI features are very Todoist-like, that ability to make subtasks, hate it, not useful. But they do have an ability when you bring in and consolidate Gmail, it summarizes that email for you, which is a good time-saving task thing in a to-do list app.

So, Superlist, I think, is going to be very expansive, and hopefully, they will introduce a calendar ability inside the app, which should make it much more accessible. I think some people, from what I’m aware of, are still getting some bugs, so at the same time, it’s definitely ironing itself out from release. But I think it’s got an interesting in future ahead.


And finally, number five on my list is Todoist, with their introduction to team spaces combined with their calendar. And I think that probably come midyear, assumption again, I think they’re into actually trying to catch up in the to-do list space.

I feel like Aki flow, Motion, Sunama, these daily planners added calendar abilities and charged a much higher price, put a bit of a hot poker, uh, behind them, and sort of got a bit of pressure going, which is great, that’s how innovation is made in the to-do list app space. So I think Todoist is going to be a very interesting step forward in innovation in 2024.

And I think largely as a whole, the to-do list space definitely needs that step forward. And I believe that, in a sense, to-do list applications will become probably one of the first steps in AI to actually start getting work done for you.

So here’s my hypothetical situation that in probably a window of, uh, maybe three years, your to-do app will do a bunch of different errands in the same way ChatGPT does for you and goes away and does a little thing, come bring stuff back for you like a research task or maybe communicate on email with a certain series of other AI agents and bots for you.

And does those small things for you, and you utilize it to do your stuff much more like a decision maker, so you approve or you deny or you suggest stuff to the AI that allows you to go and get more done in your day.

So I think the to-do list application becomes a very different thing in the next couple of years. And I think the things that I mentioned in this video are that step towards that generation of to-do apps. So very futuristic thoughts there, but ones that I firmly believe in.

Ending Note: So guys these are the HOTTEST To-Do List Apps for 2024. So hopefully, you found this article useful. Thank you so much for reading our article. All of the apps are available on the Google Play store as well as the Apple App Store. So hopefully this article will help you find your desired app and we will see your next article. Bye!

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