Top 5 Best AI Productivity Apps 

I started using AI productivity apps in my daily routine about 8 months ago and they probably saved me about one to two hours every day, out of the hundreds of AI productivity apps out there. There are maybe five that I use every single day but the AI app that I use at night time just before I go to bed is by far my favorite app. If you’re interested in Speed Learning or just self-education, in general, you’ll probably love it too anyway I’ll talk about that a bit later in the article.
Are you looking for AI productivity apps to be more productive? So you are very lucky you came across and to the right article. This article is a hidden jam for everyone who wants to be more productive in their everyday routine. So hello everyone. My name is Shahid and I have been a blogger for sense 4 years. Also, I’ve been an Android/ iPhone user for the past 10 years, and in these 10 years, I have tried many Android/ iOS apps. That’s why with my many years of experience. I am writing this article to tell you the top 5 best AI productivity apps so you can be more productive in your everyday routine.  So without wasting more time let’s get straight into today’s article.

Top 5 Best AI Productivity Apps To Productivity At Max.

Snipd: Listening to podcasts with AI

Snipd app logo
The first AI app that I used in the morning was the Snipd app. So I spent years experimenting with my morning routine to make it as productive as possible and I think I’ve got it nailed down quite well. The biggest thing here is that I keep it simple I wake up I brush my teeth I shower I feed the cats I clean their litter tray and I’m straight out of the door heading to the office within 30 minutes of waking up.
No, messing about with Meditation, yoga having a healthy breakfast journaling, or going to the gym in my opinion at least for me they’re all just distractions And Delay what time I start my work day. I do some of those habits later on in the day though but not in the morning. So when I’m showering in the morning I almost always listen to podcasts for me at least podcasts in the morning are a super efficient way of learning.
But also getting in the right frame of mind for starting the day off in the right mindset. So for my podcast, I use the Snipd app which is a phone podcast app that not just plays podcasts but also highlights, takes notes, and summarizes your favorite podcast using AI. So it’s interesting to me how AI is changing how we consume content. It’s not just a case of me listening to a podcast anymore but my podcast workflow has completely changed.
For example, my podcast workflow basically consists of one app the Snipd. So Snipd lets me capture valuable golden nuggets of information from a podcast. Because for me at least in a 2-hour podcast there are maybe only six or seven golden nuggets that really resonate with me so much that I want to write them down. The Snipes app will also save any clip from a podcast with just one tap of your headphones and it will automatically create an AI-generated transcript summary and title
It gives you 5-minute summaries before you actually listen to the podcast or it’s good for summarizing the main points after listening to a podcast. All podcast episodes on Snipes have transcripts so you can either read along or skip to the parts that you’re more interested in and you can share podcast highlights super easily.


Motion app logo
Next up we have the Motion app. I’ve noticed this year that almost all Daily schedules with AI calendar apps are starting to implement AI into their calendars. And the AI aspect does actually make planning your day more efficient. The Motion app is essentially a calendar and task platform that automatically prioritizes tasks schedules meetings and resolves calendar conflicts. I feel like one of the advantages of Motion is never having to plan or re-prioritize your tasks manually and that’s really what sets Motion apart from a lot of other task apps or calendar apps. The Motion app is definitely one of my favorite AI calendars out there.

Kaiber ai

Kaiber ai app logo
Now the next AI app is maybe not the app that saves me the most time. But it’s definitely the most fun AI app on this list and that is the kaiber app. So the kaiber app is a creative platform for Creating videos with AI that uses AI to generate videos and images based on users’ inputs. So you can provide text inputs which are known as prompts to generate unique assets from scratch. Lincoln Park, they actually made an entire music video using Kaio which now has almost 70 million views on YouTube which is insane and you can sign up for free super easy to use. You can upload an image and type in a prompt of what you want to create a video of and they even make it easier by giving you some options to choose from so I’ll choose a futuristic cyberpunk.
The second prompt is what style you want the video to be in so I’ll choose steampunk I mean you can literally type whatever you want into the prompts and the Kaiber app will make the videos according to your prompts. You can be as creative as you like then I click
next, I choose the video duration of 8 seconds camera movement zoom out then it will generate some previews I choose the preview that you like the most and press create a video. And after a couple of minutes of rendering it makes a completely unique AI-generated video from the prompts I gave it quite impressive.


Perplexity app logo
Next up we have the Perplexity app. Perplexity is an AI tool app that I like even more. So most people know about chat gpt. Chat gpt took the World by storm and in less than a year went from 0 to 180 million users. But in my opinion, in my Personal opinion, there’s a better alternative to chat gpt and that is the Perplexity AI app. So Perplexity AI app is a tool app that basically acts like Google search and if you’ve used chat gpt the Perplexity AI app is very similar. So I’ll ask it what is the capital of Japan and it gives me the answer but this is what differentiates it from chat gpt.  What I like about the Perplexity AI app is that it gives sources to the information so I trust it a lot more than chat gpt.
Because when I’m using chat gpt I’m always a little bit cautious about whether it’s just making something up because it does do that quite often. Let’s compare the Perplexity AI app answers directly with chat gpt I’ll give both chat Bots the same question and we’ll see which one generates the best answers I’ll first ask chat gpt how will AI change productivity in the workforce in 2123 so in a 100 years time from now and this is what it responds it gives me 10 pretty robust points it’s a good answer. I have no complaints about that however the Perplexity AI app managed to one-up chat gpt with its answers.
So I gave the Perplexity AI app the exact same prompts but this time the answer includes not only sources so you can actually fact check its answers but it also gives research and studies to back up its answers so although the Perplexity AI app only gave four ways in how AI is going to change productivity in the workforce in 100 years whereas chat gpt gave 10 ways but the Perplexity AI app answer is far more credible and just a stronger answer overall. Also for me, the Perplexity AI app is more responsive and less clunky than chat gpt. Especially if you’re using plugins with chat gpt that slows the whole user experience down at least from my experience and it also has a more aesthetic user interface than chat gpt. So yeah the Perplexity AI app definitely worth checking out.


Connecteam app icon
Next up we have the Connecteam app. If you’re a business owner team leader or man, particularly in Nesk Industries such as construction, cleaning, health care, or Hospitality then the Connecteam app is a One-Stop app for you to run your business day-to-day. So you can take full control of your team using schedules, Payroll, Company updates, chat phone book, surveys, managing events, or employee onboarding all within one app. For example, with the time clock feature, you can easily track when an employee clocks in and out.
And then you can export those time sheets for your payroll. You can also instantly create and share schedules with your team and you have a clear overview of when everyone is working. You can create an assigned task very easily using the task management feature and you can also create manage and track workflows with digital forms.  So apps like Connecteam are super easy to use both for the manager and the employee and can be so helpful in helping managers and leaders focus on business growth. The Connecteam app is super easy to set up it’s completely free for up to 10 people or if you have more than 10 employees you can access Their paid version as well, definitely worth checking out.
Ending Note: These are the list of the top 5 best AI productivity apps so you can be more productive in your everyday routine.  So this is all for today’s article. We hope you will like our article. If you like it leave a comment and don’t forget to share it with your fellow Android users. And we will see you in our next article. Bye!

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No, all of these apps have very little storage and RAM. You shouldn't worry if you have a low-end device every app works on your device completely fine and doesn't take too much storage and RAM.
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