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Introduction: Are you an Android user?  and trying to find some mind-blowing Apps For Android that will help and enhance your Android experience? So this article is for you. Hello everyone. My name is shahid and I’ve been a blogger for 4 years. I’ve been an Android user for since past 10 years. In that time I have tried so many Android apps. and we all Android users know in the Google Play Store we have countless apps and finding mind-blowing apps is sometimes quite difficult that’s why I’m here to give you recommendations for some mind-blowing apps from my experience.

Top 5 Mind-Blowing Apps For Android

So we are back with another article. Today this article is all about the Top 5 Mind Blowing Apps For Android. If you are an Android user then make sure to read our full article to find the Top 5 Mind Blowing Apps For Android. And enhance your Android experience to the next level. So without wasting any more time let’s start today’s article

Challenge app icon
We use our phones for basically everything while we are using it for basically everything then why not also use them to do some good for yourself maybe read a book or get fit that’s what this new app is all about the name of the app is Challenge and it is a workout app the primary helps you improve your physical activity daily the app has an easy to use interface you get 30-day exercise course for full body legs and abs to begin your fitness journey with the app however my favorite feature has to be the move tab which has tons of exercises for full body workouts with animations and instructions that make it easy to perform the exercises see there are certain exercises that are hidden behind the paywall but if you find the value by using the free version then of course you can go ahead and pay for it and get all of the exercises that you want.

Humble Launcher app icon

Now even though smartphones are incredibly useful the fact is that they are also the most distracting thing which is always within an Arm’s Reach and to sort that out we have humble launcher humble launcher is a new minimal launcher that gives you access to just one other app apart from the phone app along with that you have a clock for the date the Launcher settings app on your home screen there isn’t much you can do to tweak the launcher apart from switching between the dark and light the app is completely free and whenever you feel distracted you can just activate the launcher and you won’t be distracted anymore next up if you are new around WallWorld here one thing I need to tell you is that all of us here are always always including wallpaper apps in our best apps list no matter whether it is for your phone your PC your iPhone anything and the suggestion for today is wall world now wall world is an amazing app in case you love AMOLED wallpapers within the app, there is a tab that shows new arrivals and tasks that help you explore the most used and trending wallpapers within the app it is you can also select wallpapers from different categories and apply them to your home screen and lock screen in directly from the app the app does have a few advertisements and they interfere with your user experience but based on the quality of the apps that you get it is completely worth it now if you like to read books.


Listy app icon
All right we all have that one friend who keeps on suggesting movies and the fact is that it is not always the easiest thing to remember over these movies whenever you go on to select something while you have the time to watch it that’s where this next ad comes listy lets you store and curate lists of anything and everything from movies shows and podcasts to wines and beers once you select a kind of list and you add the items to it it downloads the cover poster or the album art and makes it look good there is also an option to add links to all of your items so that you can directly access the content.
Traquer app icon
The fact is that we’ve all been in this situation where we’ve bought a huge pile of books and we just never got around to reading them or completing all of them and that’s where this next app will help you out the name of the app is Traquer and it is an app that helps you add books to a list and then track your reading habits daily you can simply scan the barcode of the book that you’re trying to read and it will be automatically added to the app once you start reading you can update your progress by adding the number of pages you have read the app presents your progress in the form of a graph to help you visualize your reading habit and look for ways to improve it the best part is that this app is completely free and there are no ads anywhere.

Just Relax app icon

The final app on this list will help you be a calmer person and just be more focused when you need to focus and the name of the app is Just Relax. Just Relax is an app that helps you relieve stress using Focus sounds which are scientifically proven to improve your concentration levels the app provides you with familiar sounds denoted from a keyboard a clock a fireplace or a fan which weirdly helps your attention span while working as it simulates the sound from your home for a more calming experience you can use the sounds from nature that include ones originating from animals rain ocean and so many more and if you are looking to send your earbuds to a spa you have a set of Melody sounds and ASMR sounds the audio is of high quality but some of them are hidden behind a paywall and there are also some advertisements but they do not interfere with your user experience so as always use this app and if you find them both in it go ahead pay for it and you’ll get the ideal experience.
Ending note: So there are the top 5 mind-blowing apps for Android. If you are an Android user download mind-blowing apps to enhance your Android experience. And if you have more apps like this let me know your suggestion in the comments. And if you like our article don’t forget to share it with your fellow Android users. It will help us to grow more. This is it for today’s article we will see you in our next article. Bye!
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