TOP 6 ULTIMATE Android Apps That Might AMAZE YOU


So hello guys how are you hope you are doing well. So we are back with another very informative article. Today in this article we are talking about the Top 6 ULTIMATE Android Apps That Might AMAZE YOU. So if you are an Android user and want to know some new and useful Android apps. That’s read our full article and find some best and most epic Android apps.


TOP 6 ULTIMATE Android Apps That Might AMAZE YOU

Micro Gestures app icon
The first app on this list goes by the name called micro gestures. This is an app that lets you assign different gestures to trigger certain actions on your phone so I can pull down my notification panel by just tilting my phone down or I can simply shake my phone to open my favorite application. Not only this if I quickly want to take a screenshot I just need to flip my phone.
Trust me these tiny gestures are super useful and to get it on your Android device all you need to do is just open the app and enable the basic service. Once you are done here you can configure all of these three gestures and there are a whole bunch of things you can do on your phone. You can open your favorite app access your quick settings you can even take screenshots to open your recent apps menu.
It also lets you toggle the flashlight control the media and do a lot more. Inside the app, you can change the sensitivity to prevent accidental Triggers on your phone. It’s a great app for adding more additional gestures on your phone be sure to check this one out.


WallStone app logo
Next up we have the wallpaper app from where today’s wallpaper is from and it’s called the WallStone app. This is an app that has  AI-generated wallpapers and you will not find these beautiful-looking wallpapers anywhere else. They are extremely high-quality and the colors are so vibrant to look at it’s a brilliant collection of AI-based wallpapers.
But they are not random they are neatly organized into a lot of different categories that you can choose from. The only downside of this app is it is paid but if you need unique wallpapers something that not a lot of people are using then you should definitely download this one it has one of the best collections of AI wallpapers. That you can get and trust me these wallpapers will definitely spice up your home screen customization.

Nebbia KWGT

Nebbia KWGT app icon
Next up we have a widget pack that I recently came across and it’s called the Nebbia KWGT. It has an amazing collection of clean and minimal widgets for your home screen.  This widget pack has close to 100 handcrafted widgets and I’m sure the developer will continue to add more.
The variety is quite decent it’s got plenty of date and month widgets, and music Widgets, we also have widgets for the control panel, weather widgets, and much more. I think these widgets look great on your home screen especially when you combine them with a perfect wallpaper unlike most other kwgt widget packs this one is completely free to download. So if you love customizing your Android home screen then definitely check this one out.


TrueShot app icon
The next app on this list is called TrueShot and this is a must-have app. If you are someone who takes a lot of screenshots on your phone what the app does is it basically helps you to make your boring screenshot look better. All you have to do is just open the app and upload your screenshot from here you can adjust the corner radius, you can add drop shadow, it even lets you to increase or decrease the padding of the screenshot.
The best part is you can customize and change the background there are so many different styles that you can choose from once you are done customizing your screenshot you can then share it directly with your friend or you can save the screenshot to your gallery. This TrueSho app is completely free to download. So definitely go ahead and give this app a try.


Muzia app icon

Finally, we have an app called Muzia this is an app which allows you to control your music while your screen is off. Whenever you have music playing and you lock your phone the app still shows the album art for the music info and you can change the track you can pause it and you can also see the battery percentage at the bottom.
Not only this it also has a lot of customizations you can change the font style to increase or decrease this size and you can also add different colors as well. Guys if you have an AMOLED screen and you really want to take full advantage of that always-on display. Then, I will highly suggest you install this amazing app on your phone. It’s like an always-on music for your Android phone.
Ending Note: These are the list of the Top 6 ULTIMATE Android Apps That Might AMAZE YOU.  So this is all for today’s article. We hope you will like our article. If you like it leave a comment and don’t forget to share it with your fellow Android users. And we will see you in our next article. Bye!

FAQ Section

Yes, all of these apps are available on the Google Play store and the link we put on the bottom is the official link of the Google Play store. You can easily download any app through the link. The Link redirects you to the Google Play store.
Yes, every app that we give you the review in our article is free. And also these apps have a premium version. If you want to unlock the premium features of this app. Then you buy the premium version you can buy it.
Yes, every app is updated by developers frequently with new features and updates.
Yes, every app is working on its latest version and their developers update them from time to time.
Yes, all the apps support every Android device. It doesn't matter whether you have a low-end to high-end device. All of these apps work on every device completely fine.
No, all of these apps have very little storage and RAM. You shouldn't worry if you have a low-end device every app works on your device completely fine and doesn't take too much storage and RAM.
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