12 BEST Note-Taking Apps To Make Your Life Much More Productive in 2024


In today’s article, we’re diving into the best note-taking apps for 2024. We’re going to explore ones that are going to help you to take better notes, and also we’re going to mention some of the AI revolutions that are happening in note-taking and some of the apps that can do that trick.

So, welcome, my name is shahid. I have been a web developer and blogger for the past 10 years. And in this time I have been tried several different note-taking apps to be more productive and some are really helpful and some are not and that’s why today I am writing this blog to help you find the best note-taking for you. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

The BEST Note-Taking Apps To Make Your Life And Work Much More Productive.


Obsidian app

The first one on the list is an app called Obsidian, and for those who don’t know, Obsidian is very much a clean PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) note-taking application. It’s been growing really fast; they’ve got a fantastic app that’s available on pretty much every device. It’s also very much a networked application, allowing you to connect one idea to another using backlinks.

And for those who don’t know, they’ve also got a new canvas ability that allows you to express images, boards, and ideas all in one location within your Obsidian account. The application has been innovating a lot in the productivity space, and for many people, it’s a secure and really reliable way to start taking notes because it’s stored on the desktop and allowed to store not necessarily on the cloud straight away, although you can upgrade to Obsidian Sync which does get you that and Obsidian Publish which gives you access to publishing it as a digital garden or beyond.

But for those who are interested in note-taking applications, it might be a little bit too intense as it is very much a well-put-together PKM tool that a lot of people might not find. But it is growing, and it is one that you can use for all aspects of note-taking, so one to consider when you’re looking at notes apps.


Next up is the app that has been on the market for a long time; it’s called Workflowy. And if you don’t know Workflowy, it very much kicked off the whole PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) space with the outliner technology being very helpful for organizing ideas, expanding on them, and bringing them together in one app. For those who don’t know, Workflowy has been growing with not just a classic outliner experience, which a lot of people like.

But Workflowy also has boards as well, which help you to express your ideas and thoughts in a better way too. But people actually use this type of application as a combination of tasks and notes. It’s a very interesting one, but Workflowy is one of the kings of the outliners and one to check out if you’re looking for something slightly different from a PKM tool.


Next up is RemNote, and if you’re a student, this is one of the best on the market. RemNote really presents itself as a knowledge base for your ideas. It has the look of Notion but the powers of a note-taking app. You can not only take notes but also flashcards as well, so this makes it perfect for students trying to remember things for their upcoming exams. And you can turn them into flashcards very easily. You can also attach PDFs, but there are some limitations. And there are some more recent AI features inside this application. But RemNote is very well designed, perfect for students, and very easy to use.

Bear Notes

Number four is Bear Notes. Now, Bear Notes is beautifully designed. They’ve recently had Bear Notes 2.0, a fresh update that has made the application much faster, and the editor has become much smoother. Now, the application is very much more simple in nature. It’s not going to be a Notion or an Evernote with their expansive note-taking abilities, but it does allow you to organize your notes in simple hashtags, which are just nested hashtags, which can help you to organize your notes in a much simpler fashion, very much like Apple Notes.

But a lot more advanced because you do have a lot more abilities inside of the editor. They do have sketching and also the ability to attach files and a lot more which is accessible in Apple Notes, but this one is really well designed and really well crafted. Now, the application is fairly reasonably priced per year too, and it’s worth checking out if you’re in the hunt for a lightweight note-taking experience.


Next up is Supernotes, and this one again is very popular with students but also great for collaborating on notes because you can share your notes with other people, which does work well for students but can work well for people outside of that. There are also abilities in the app like daily notes and more advanced notes that can help you connect notes together and view them in the graph view. Now, the application is really beautiful to look at, and it’s developed very well with a combination of brilliant development work and brilliant design. It’s worth checking out the Supernotes.


Number six, very similar to Bear Notes, this is a simple note-taking app, but it’s very well-priced, and very well put together. Notes app if you’re looking for something basic and easy to use, and it’s called Upnote. And this one is a really friendly approach to note-taking. It’s not going to blow you away, but it is going to create a brilliant way to create notes in notebooks and also just be able to create simple notes that go along with it. This one is a very good value application in note-taking.

Reflect Notes

Number seven is very much a privacy-focused network thought app that has been growing in its user base because it really hooks people in. It’s called Reflect Notes, and it is an application that a lot of people like because it has a combination of PKM (Personal Knowledge Management), which you see in Obsidian, which we mentioned earlier, but at the same time has a much friendlier approach, in my opinion, with a calendar ability, a way to manage tasks now, and also a way to connect to your Google Calendar so that you can bring in meetings and take notes there.

Now, the application itself is really nice because it has a combination of features that help you to keep your notes secure, so you will have that privacy and authentication before you get into the application, which helps keep your notes protected. It’s currently only available on Mac and iOS, and I believe is web as well but with a Chrome version too.


Microsoft OneNote Save Notes app

Number eight is Microsoft OneNote. Now, the application OneNote has been on the market for a very long time and it is very popular with education and academics because it has a great way to almost like having a little filing cabinet-type approach to your notes, a little bit of a tab system but it also does have some really advanced abilities on Windows and on iPad which allow you to sketch into the application, which makes it a perfect one for students and education as a whole. But for those who are looking for a free all-round note-taking application.


Number nine is probably one of the better GTD-type applications. It’s called AmpleNote, and it combines notes with tasks and calendars as well. The one thing I love about AmpleNote is the task ability because when you start adding tasks, it allows you to add a load of input and attributes about the task.

And it produces something called a task score, which is its own algorithm for how important your task is. Then it helps rank your tasks by that inside your notes app, and it’s also got all of the stuff that you’d expect to see in apps like Obsidian. Also, we did a whole video about how it can be utilized with the GTD (Getting Things Done) system.


Notion App Logo

Number 10 is Notion. It is a super application and great for note-taking if you’re not looking at ELO’s second brain or Thomas Frank’s ultimate brain for utilizing notes but also bringing all your ideas together then where have you been these templates are fantastic for saving time in creating the perfect note-taking space and note-taking system.

Thomas Frank (Notion Template Creator) also has an upcoming release of a way to capture into Notion, but largely Notion is a fantastic note-taking application now that has a real depth of abilities including more recently better releases with Readwise which allows you to bring in all of the ideas and thoughts you’re having with all of your books that you’re reading and bring them into your Notion account to view and reflect on later.


Evernote - Note Organizer app

Now number 11 Evernote is the giant of the productivity space note-taking space it was acquired in 2023 and it’s actually been growing in its releases and abilities but largely Evernote has guess has been very stagnant over the last couple of years.

But there’s a definite Resurgence in the app and more recently it’s been focusing on its calendar and task abilities to improve it it’s more of a scheduling application and I think they want to be more of a productivity application than a note-taking app but a very interesting one and right now still a brilliant note taking application as a whole a little bit pricey but again if you take price out of the equation it’s pretty decent as an all-around Notes app.


And finally number 12, this one is sort of like the notion has a baby with it’s not really another comparison to it really it’s called capacities it looks like the notion but you can organize your notes with objects and that’s very interesting because every time you create an object it will help you to add that thing in each time so if you want to write and make notes on a book then you can set something as a book.

And that object will live inside of your capacity account and that’s great for bringing that all together in the future and I’m pretty sure that’s going to become very prevalent when AI gets released structurally that’s a lot better and a lot more interesting in my opinion but largely capacity is a very interesting note-taking application which has a combination of daily notes graph and also a range of abilities when it comes to text formatting that a lot of people will like so it’s worth checking out that one.

Ending Note: So guys these are the top 12 best note-taking apps. we went through all the applications very quickly but we also reviewed the majority of applications separately in our previous blogs. If you are interested in that you can also check those blogs as well. And you can download all the applications from the Google Play Store So guys this is it for today’s article thank you so much for reading our article. If you like it then don’t forget to share it with your fellow productivity hunters. And we will see your next article. Bye!

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