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Hi, how are you? we hope you are doing well with your health and life. So guys we are back with a beneficial and informative article for you guys. So today in this article we are talking about a very cool and amazing Android launcher app. The name of this launcher is Neo launcher.

If you get tired of using your old launcher and want to try a new and refreshing launcher to enhance your mobile experience then our article is very helpful for you. So without wasting any more time let’s start today’s article.

Neo launcher

Neo launcher App Logo

Home Screen Dash

You might find Neo Launcher a bit similar to other launchers but it is not there are some unique features that make this Neo launcher different from other launchers the first unique feature you will see is the home screen dash. and I really like it a lot it will give you access to some really useful shortcuts like Wi-Fi, mobile, network choosing, wallpaper, and accessing the device settings. I have actually set this double tap home screen gesture to open this home screen dash.

But you can choose any other gesture as well. You can also categorize apps in the apps drawer into different folders or tabs. And here when it comes to theming you get a bunch of really good options like a theme based on wallpaper color black or light. You can also choose the accent color from tons of colors available here or even choose the baller option which is definitely a great customization feature here you can also customize the icons to different shapes like a circle or square around it or even choose the colored backgrounds for adaptive icons which looks amazing here.


Under gesture options, you get most of the gestures like double tap to sleep which will require accessibility permission and works fine tap and hold swipe up and down or the home button gestures are present as well you also get to display notification dots or notification count which will require notification access or you can also choose a custom notification background.


Creating folders on the home screen looks good here you can create a normal folder with all the icons visible or choose the cover mode to display the first app from the folder and swiping up on the icon will open the folder this is a cool option.

Search Bar

You can also enable or disable the application drawer search bar enable the global search bar or even hide the applications and these features are working fine you can also customize the search bar and choose from different search providers like Google Brave Bing or even choose to display Google Assistant and google lens inside this search bar here.


Now the last few features that you get here are the backup and restore features so you can save your favorite home screen setups on your phone and access them easily you also get these developer options where you can restart the launcher go to the desktop mode or choose the gestures.

Google Feed

I forgot to include one feature which is Google Feed on the left side of the home screen you get that option at the extreme bottom of the desktop settings.

So this is the Neo launcher app for Android users. Use this launcher and give us your feedback regarding our article or Neo launcher we will appreciate it. You can download all of the apps from the Google Play Store. So this is it for today’s article if you like our article if you like it don’t forget to share it with your friends and family and we will see you in our next article. bye!

FAQ Section

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