Superlist vs Todoist Head to Head Comparison | Which Is The Best Task-Managing Apps In 2?


Hi guys how are you? So guys we are back with another comparison article. And today in this article we are going to compare the Superlist vs the Todoist app. So as you know both are productivity task-managing apps. So we thought why not we should compare them and give you an ultimate comparison between both of the apps and tell you which is the best task-managing app for you.

So guys my name is Shahid and I have been a web developer and blogger for the past 10 years. And in that time I have been using multiple task-managing apps to organize my tasks and improve my productivity. So if you are looking for a task-managing app that will help you to manage your tasks and improve your productivity then this article is a hidden gem for you, So without wasting any more time let’s start today’s article.

Superlist vs Todoist

So you’ve probably come to this article exploring whether the Super List or the Todoist is the best to-do list application for you and today we’re going to overview and give you a direct comparison between the two looking at both of them and see which one is right for you. We’re going to overview key features, information about the applications, and pricing as well so that you can go away with which to-do this application works best for you.

What is The Todoist?

So let’s begin and in front of us we have Todoist. Todoist has been in the market for over 10 years now and it’s been growing rapidly more recently. It introduced features like workspaces and calendars, and the application is really a traditional to-do list app that allows you to manage your tasks in projects as well as board and calendar view. More recently, this application has been run by a company called Doist which also created an asynchronous software called Twist which has also been very popular on the market. Both of these applications are very much centric and well thought out in the productivity space with good reliability and general brilliance around the application.

What is Superlist?

Superlist is fairly new to the market, created by the folks that also built an app called Wunderlist which was purchased by Microsoft back in the day. It has been in the works for several years now, but the application launched in February at the start of February in 2024 and it’s been growing rapidly since. It’s a way to not only manage your tasks as a busy individual but also as a team as well. They’re trying to find strike that balance between both teams and individuals managing their tasks.

They have a way to manage your tasks in a list function that can also be used as almost an advanced note in the way that you can use it for meetings or planning a project, and it’s very collaborative allowing real-time collaboration. This application has been growing on the market and a lot of people have been liking it.

Usability & Interface

So let’s take a look at the interface and usability, and let’s start with the Superlist. Now the Superlist is a very simply structured to-do list app, you have an inbox today and messages as well as tasks. Messages are where any task comes that you have been assigned or associated to that has a comment or something that might flag you in it. There’s also an area for lists. Now lists are really nice because you can not only tally some of your tasks up, you can personalize it with a background, but you can also make notes below which allow you to collaborate a little bit further.

Notes are even more extensive, allowing you to add images, attachments, and dividers to break things up a little bit further. And that really tends to be the main feature inside of Superlist. But one thing, first off, the interface is really, really clean and much more minimal in comparison with Todoist, in my opinion. While I would say usability, there are some small, small bugs like switching between certain apps, this is a really well-built to-do list application that is fast and easy to use.

Jumping over to Todoist, the Todoist is very simple in nature, maybe not as simple as the likes of Superlist, but you can organize your tasks in an inbox today, an upcoming area for organizing what’s ahead in your task list. There’s also a way to view things in a board view for projects which makes for planning out items and more recently they’ve added a way to view things in a calendar view. They do plan on expanding on their calendar view and in general interface experience, this application has gotten considerably better over the last couple of years and this is probably one of the most stable to-do list applications on the market, in my opinion.

Task Management

So let’s take a look at adding tasks and the whole realm of task management inside of both applications. Now if you want to go ahead and create a task in something like Superlist then you can go ahead and add an item. What’s nice about Superlist is there are some features that are really cool like the ability to add all of the stuff like headings, dividers, and images all inside of a subtask area allowing you to expand on whatever you’re doing that.

Now there are also an AI-based features that do separate in terms of task management but there are some features like this in Todoist allowing you to make with AI but the one thing that I think separates it when it comes to task management is the ability to consolidate using integrations. Integrations allow you to collect up accounts like Gmail, Google Calendar, Microsoft To-Do, and email boarding as well as for pro users the likes of Slack, GitHub, Linear, and Figma for connecting tasks and bringing them into Superlist so that you can consolidate them in one location.

This is something you cannot do inside of Todoist. While they have some Google Calendar integrations that are two-way and some Gmail abilities that are not technically a Gmail ability, it’s a way to send tasks into a project, this is definitely a standout feature and is definitely something that a lot of pro users will tend to like. But largely, Superlist is a really neat way to start adding a task. You can plan a task ahead, even set reminders which is free in the account, and organize your tasks quite simply. However, when it comes to task management and creating your own custom views, Todoist definitely has the leverage on Superlist.

But largely organizing them is quite easy to do and filtering them is something you can manage as well. Now I would say the killer feature in terms of task management is utilizing the organize area where you can organize your tasks a bit further and some of the better ways that you can manage between some of your free accounts and toggling them off and on so that you can see the right and relevant areas and hiding them so that you’re not distracted when you’re working on certain projects.

This is a really nice feature that you can access inside of the team profiles which are fairly reasonably priced at the moment but largely Superlist is really easy to get started with and it’s very basic in terms of some of the task management nature but you can use the mobile applications to send in tasks and use the new task button in the bottom left-hand corner to be able to capture a task as well as using it from the command bar shortcuts.

So looking at task management signed to Todoist also it’s been around for a little bit longer, in the free plan you aren’t allowed to use reminders which is something that I know a lot of people like when they’re looking for a to-doist app but largely opening a task allows you to add it to a project and a due date and a priority level which isn’t available in the likes of Superlist and you can add much more details to each of your tasks which is available like labels, reminders which is a pro feature both of these pro features and a location as well.

Now you can also add subtasks and like in Superlist, go a little bit deeper into those tasks but largely commenting is limited here. Those Superlist comments are really nice because you can send audio messages that are really simple to send and easy to do for team collaboration.

Some of the things that stand out above Todoist over Superlist are the likes of Upcoming which helps you to plan it in more of a broad view and Todoist has plans to add a calendar view which is definitely ahead of the likes of Superlist at the current moment. Obviously, Superlist hasn’t been around for a hideous amount of time but at the same time, this is a really nice feature to have.

You’ve already got project boards that allow you to manage stuff and one of the features I think stands out above the likes of Superlist is views. So being able to view stuff in a list, board, and calendar is very nice but these filtering abilities are really good for example when you’re in something like today you can go super granular about what you sort filter, and manage in terms of workspace all the way to priority and all the relevant stuff as well which is definitely something that a lot of people like when managing all of their tasks and details.

They’ve really made progressive progress as well to try and enhance team experience into Todoist with a more workspace brilliance or setup for the business plan and I particularly like this. However, in comparison with Superlist, I think the way to hide it is not as good. Just looking at both of these head-to-head, in Superlist you can hide a task.

Well, there are some features like this inside of the viewing option where you can manage between workspaces, this is definitely something you’d have to customize and narrow down to which area you want to, and switching between them would be something nice to get inside of Todoist but largely this framework of managing your tasks is really easy. The collaboration, I would say, is not as good as the likes of Superlist when it comes to sharing messages and comments but largely this is a much more robust task management platform.

Pricing Comparison

So taking a look at pricing Superlist has an interesting pricing setup and I will go to the monthly view although there is a discount on annual. There is a free plan which I believe to be one of the most generous on the market, even more generous in my opinion than the likes of Todoist which includes unlimited tasks, notes, and reminders as well as some of the automatic email forwarding and integrations as well. There’s even an email task summarization function which I think stands out compared to Todoist at the moment.

But the pro account, if you want it, unlocks unlimited shared lists with up to 25 people and some of the more advanced integrations as well. There’s also up to 500 megabyte upload and 25 GB file storage which gives you a price of $10 per user per month. But if you’re looking for a free plan for teams then up to five members can get access to it totally free. But if you’re looking to go monthly for unlimited team members per user, it’s $12 per user per month.

So if you compare this to the likes of Todoist, you do get some limitations when it comes to your free plan, and in my opinion, it’s not too bad in terms of bringing in some of the more basic features but you won’t get access to things like task reminders that are locked by a pro account which is $5 per user per month. But you do get a lot of functionality in that experience including the brand new calendar layout and that is $5 per user per month in comparison with Superlist’s one that is dramatically cheaper at 50% in comparison.

And the business pricing is $8 per user per month with unlimited access unlocked and of course, that’s a monthly pricing and the yearly pricing is slightly cheaper a little bit like Superlist has as well. So both of these applications are very similar in nature.

They want to help you to manage your to-do list and also get that team in. If you have a small team between maybe five and 25, Todoist applications can be a great system to be able to get things set up and manage your tasks. And to be honest, a lot of teams are moving away from project management applications because they don’t want the density that these sorts of applications have. So is this worth it for personal users? Todoist is a really reliable experience and for personal users works really really well. The free account isn’t hideously limited unless you want the reminders plan and that separation for work.

The other thing that people do like to have is maybe the design element which I believe Superlist does slightly better than Todoist. One of the other things that Superlist does very well at is the way to integrate stuff even in the free plan there are some good ones. But I would typically recommend Superlist for those who don’t want too much complexity in their task management experience, who want a clean and minimal design, and who want something that is going to get them going in their task management versus something that’s very detailed in terms of its experience. The free plan is very generous which will get you started very well.

Verdict & Comparison

But Todoist is much more designed for a maybe advanced to-do list experience although I do again recommend it typically for pretty much anyone. For example, I could recommend it to my mother-in-law all the way over to a business professional for managing their own tasks. So at the same time, both of these applications are great for busy professionals.

I think it comes in terms of preferences especially when you look at features like natural language input which Superlist doesn’t actually have. Todoist has functionality like that so I think it’s more between if you’re looking at Todoist you’re looking at a more robust, more powerful to-do list application whereas Superlist is much lighter with some other abilities that Todoist won’t have in terms of the notes and other such functions.

If you’re looking at a team experience, I would say Todoist again has more views and more functions when it comes to managing tasks and viewing them in a different way. The combination of custom views and also the ability to organize your workspaces as well there is actually really really good and the upcoming calendar views will make things a lot easier.

The pricing is also dramatically cheaper per month around $4 per month per user cheaper and when you have 15 people that can work out to be a lot more per month over $400 cheaper per month than a like of something like Superlist but everyone who gets a Superlist team plan gets the Pro Plan for free.

I’m not sure what the status is at with Todoist at the current time however largely I’m mostly impressed with how Superlist has brought together their team experience so I would say for teams if you’re looking at it Superlist is probably a good option if you’re a creative visual and a team that makes lots of different notes it’s also great for smaller teams where they’re generous free plan for five people. But largely if you’re looking for something much more robust and more custom viewing options then I would go with something like Todoist.

Ending Note: So guys that is pretty much it for my side I have tried my best to give you as much detailed comparison as possible. So guys you can download both note-taking apps from the Google Play Store. So that is it for today’s article and if you like it then don’t forget to share this article it will help us to grow more and motivate us to make in-depth comparisons and reviews. And we will catch you in our next article. Bye!

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