Top 4 best Islamic Apps For Muslims


Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing well. We are back with another informative and useful article. So today in this article we are talking about the top 4 best Islamic apps for Muslims. So if you are a Muslim and you are looking for some Islamic apps to improve your faith then you are very lucky you come to the right article. So Without wasting time let’s get into it.

Islam 360

islam 360 app logo

Islam 360 is a mobile app for Muslims. It allows Muslims to access religious information on mobile devices. to the Quran, Hadith, Seerat un Nabi, and Islamic books.

Quran Tafseer and Translation

Islam 360 provides Quran translation in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Roman. and it also provides every famous Islamic scholar Tafseer of the Quran. you can select any tafseer of Quran according to your sect.

Seerat un Nabi

In the Seerat un Nabi section, you can find turn-off videos on the prophet Muhammad like how prophet Mohammed lived their life, how prophet Muhammad taught Islam, and many more.

Word By Word Quran

If you are not able to read Arabic fluently then Islam 360 have this feature It helps you to read the Quran word by word without any mistake and it also gives you the translation of the word you read in Arabic in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Roman.


In the Hadith section, Islam 360 provides you with all of the mainstream Suni sect Hadith books ( Al Bukhari, Al Muslim, Abu Dawood, Al Tirmazi, Al Nasai, Mishkat, Al Silsila, and Musnad Ahmed ) including their translations



In the prayer section, the Islam 360 app tells you how to pray perfectly what to do during prayer, and also the timing of every prayer in a day


In the fasting section, you can learn how to start your fast and how to end your fast.


If you go to Umrah first time and you don’t know how to do it then this feature will help you to do your Umrah perfectly It tells you what to do during your Umrah and how to do everything properly during the Ummrah


It’s a very similar feature to Ummrah it tells you each and everything you do during your Hajj.

Muslim Muna

Muslim Muna app logo

Muslim Muna is an app that provides Muslim information about Azan, prayer times, the Islamic calendar, etc

Prayers Alarm

once you log in to this app. It sets the alarm for all your upcoming prayers so that you don’t miss any of your prayers.


As we all know Muslims give the Zakat in the Ramzan month. And sometimes people don’t know how much Zakat they have to give. But that’s not a problem anymore. now if you don’t know your Zakat you can go to the Muslim Muna app Zakat option and simply calculate your Zakat


In the Muslim Munna calendar section, you can find both Hijr and Gregorian calendars in the Hijr calendar you can check the current Islamic year and the date and also it gives you information on the next Islamic festivals like Ramadan, Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha, etc.


In the Tasbih section, it provides you with all the Tasbihs that you recite after the prayer. It also provides you with a counter for reciting Tasbih So that you can see how many Tasbih you have read.


This app gives you tons of widgets like the prayers timing widget, next prayer widget, daily Dua widget, and many more.


Nearby give you two options one is halal and the second is mosques


If you live in a place where access to halal food is difficult, then you can use the halal option of this app to find halal foods near you.

In the mosques section, you can find all the mosques near your location.

Tarteel Quran ai

Tarteel Quran ai app logo

What is Tarteel Quran ai

Tarteel Quran ai is a very useful app for those people who want to memorize the Quran.

How to use Tarteel Quran ai

If you want to memorize Quran you just simply go to the app and select any chapter of the Quran which you want to memorize. after you select the chapter. Now you click this option and the verses disappear. Now you start reciting the verses, the verses will start reappear on the screen again. Next, you click the page layout and it will show you all the verses with the translation you can also translate the verses in any language. And if you make a mistake while reading it will mark your mistakes with a red line.

Dhikr and Dua

Dhikr and Dua app logo

Dhikr and Dua app is an Islamic app designed to help Muslims be more faithful and practicing.

How to use Dhikr and Dua

If you are a practicing Muslim and you do Dhikr and Dua before and after the prayer then it will have all kinds to Dhikr and Dua for you. You can easily find any type of Duas for morning, evening, before sleeping, Duas for before and after dinner, Quranic Duas, and sunnah Duas.

Dhikr for all time

In this section, you can easily find Dhikr for without searching them. and it also gives you all the names of Allah to remember all of them.

Ending Note: So that was the top 4 best Islamic apps for Muslims. You can download all of the apps from the Google Play Store. That was it for today’s article if you like our article make sure to share it with your family and friends. See you in our next article. Bye!

FAQ Section

Yes, all of these apps are available on the Google Play store and the link we put on the bottom is the official link of the Google Play store. You can easily download any app through the link. The Link redirects you to the Google Play store.
Yes, every app that we give you the review in our article is free. And also these apps have a premium version. If you want to unlock the premium features of this app. Then you buy the premium version you can buy it.
Yes, every app is updated by developers frequently with new features and updates.
Yes, every app is working on its latest version and their developers update them from time to time.
Yes, all the apps support every Android device. It doesn't matter whether you have a low-end to high-end device. All of these apps work on every device completely fine.
No, all of these apps have very little storage and RAM. You shouldn't worry if you have a low-end device every app works on your device completely fine and doesn't take too much storage and RAM.

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