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And if you still don’t know about ChatGPT and how to use it. And how it helps you in your everyday tasks and how you become more productive while using ChatGPT. Then this article is a hidden jam for you make sure to read our full article to know each and every single detail of ChatGPT in our article on the ChatGPT app review. So without wasting any more time let’s into today’s article.



It’s hard to believe it’s already been 1 year since ChatGPT took over the world, and I’m going to take you through the best use cases I found for ChatGPT, what I don’t recommend using it for, and then ultimately if I think it’s worth the hype. Let’s actually talk about that last part first. Overall, think ChatGPT has actually lived up to its hype, and that’s because I think for a lot of people, myself included, ChatGPT not only demonstrated for the first time what AI technology can do in a very practical sense, but it provided people with a new tool that turned out to be incredibly useful for so many different scenarios.

From writing macros to speed up part of your job, to editing cover letters, writing code, generating resumes from a few bullet points, giving advice, drafting blog posts, and yes, even doing homework assignments, ChatGPT could do a lot when it launched. Now, my immediate use for it was a little bit more silly. These more practical applications are where ChatGPT’s real staying power is.

Have you ever thought about all this data you’re giving ChatGPT? What exactly is OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT and one of the dramas of the century, doing with it? By default, your chats are used to train OpenAI’s models. However, in April 2023, OpenAI rolled out the ability for you to disable chat history in ChatGPT, and when you do this, the data you give ChatGPT will not be used to train its models, and your chat will not be saved in the sidebar.

However, keep in mind that the conversations will still be retained for 30 days to monitor for abuse before being deleted permanently. You can also use the export option within ChatGPT to see and understand all of the data that ChatGPT is actually storing from your chats. And if you’re worried about giving OpenAI sensitive business data, the company now has a subscription service called ChatGPT Enterprise, which comes with enterprise-grade security and privacy for your company’s data.

Next, let’s talk about the new capabilities OpenAI gave ChatGPT during the past year. One of the biggest changes they made was an integration with Bing, which allows ChatGPT to be able to search the web when you ask it a question. And this isn’t just used to answer simple queries, but it can
actually do some pretty complex searches.

For example, over the holidays, I saw a trash can from Simplehuman that I’ve had my eye on for a while now, but it was out of stock. I tried doing a Google search to find retailers that might have it in stock, without a ton of success, actually, and the experience overall was just kind of taxing. I then had the thought like, “Hey, maybe ChatGPT could actually do all of this searching for me.” So, I gave it a link to the item that was out of stock and asked it to provide me with other retailers that may have it, and then I specified what the model was that I was looking for.

And while not all of the links it gave me were the exact model I was looking for, the experience was faster and much simpler than scouring Google’s blue links. It felt like I was handing my issue off to somebody else to solve for me. That was one of the most surprising parts of this entire experience. It really shows how much better search could be and how mentally tasking searching Google sometimes is. ChatGPT, at least today, has no ads and no sponsored blue links. So that’s a search, but what else can ChatGPT do now? Will, it turns out, a lot more.

Advantages of using ChatGPT

  • ChatGPT code generation: The last thing I used it to generate bits of HTML for my new websites, which I launched six months later. I wanted it to generate code for a  sticky menu, and it did exactly what I wanted it to do. Plus, it gave me extra tips on other ways  I could accomplish building one with a WordPress site.

The downside of using ChatGPT

Next, let’s talk about ChatGPT Plus, which is ChatGPT’s paid subscription plan. ChatGPT Plus is a $20 USD-a-month subscription that gets you access to all of ChatGPT’s capabilities, including access to GPT-4, though it has a 40-message per hour limit at the time of today. ChatGPT Plus also gets you access to ChatGPT’s capabilities of analyzing images and creating images.

You also get priority access to ChatGPT during high demand, faster responses, and new features like the GPTs and also ChatGPT 4’s knowledge has been upgraded to April 2023. The free version of ChatGPT gets you ChatGPT 3.5, which is the regular model whose knowledge goes up until September 2021.

So, should you be using ChatGPT? Yes, as long as you understand its limitations. I highly recommend trying it out. I think anyone can find at least one use case for ChatGPT, and that right there is the core reason why it has lived up to the hype so far. Now, should you pay to use ChatGPT Plus? That’s a bit tougher. You can get a lot out of using just the regular ChatGPT version in combination with other free chatbots like Google’s BERT, which overall, in my experience, hasn’t been as consistently good as ChatGPT

But it does have more up-to-date information and it can now integrate with other services like YouTube, Google Maps, Google Flights, hotels, and more, all for free. But if you want access to the most powerful model from OpenAI available to consumers, plus access to all of their new features like GPTs, DALL·E’s image generator, and more, I don’t necessarily think $20 a month is unreasonable, especially when you consider that they’re throwing in the image generator.

I was previously paying $10 a month to use MidJourney, but I find OpenAI’s implementation of DALL·E to be more conversational and frankly easier to use. So, those are my thoughts on ChatGPT APP REVIEW.

Ending note: So guys these are the ChatGPT APP REVIEW FOR 2024. And if you are a ChatGPT app user then give us your feedback with us in the comment section. So this is all for today’s article. if you like our article make sure to share it with your friends and family. And we will see you in our next article. Bye!

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