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Are you looking for Free Streaming Apps? Then you must be very lucky because you can a cross to write an article. Today talk about the top 5 Free Streaming Apps for mobile that you don’t want to miss. So guys in case you’re new over here, my name is Shahid and I have been a blogger for sense 4 years.

Also, I’ve been an Apple iOS and Android user for the past 10 years. Also, I love to write blogs to share my knowledge in the form of blogs with more and more people. So guys all of these apps that are shown in this article are 100% legal and available on the Play Store.

Because we have a very strict policy from day one that we never give you a review of any app that is not available on the Play Store. So on that note without wasting any more time let’s start today’s article.

TOP 10 Free Streaming Apps For 2024

Plex: Stream Movies & TV

So number five for me is gonna be Plex. Now what a lot of people think about Plex they think about having the ability to add your own media set up your library add your own content whether it be movies TV shows photos or adding your music and home videos but Plex has evolved to include a lot more than just that.

Plex has a lot of on-demand shows, on-demand movies as well as live TV so if you haven’t checked out Plex in a while definitely recommend going ahead and doing that there’s no need to set up an account you can browse free to get into the live TV section get into the video on demand section and like I said they do have a lot to offer.

Now this of course is going to be ad-supported free television which is becoming popular as of the past couple of years. Yes, they’re free however you do have to sit through occasional ads so this is where a lot of the free content is going Plex is number five go ahead and check it out.

Xumo Play: Stream TV & Movies

So number four is going to be Xumo TV. Now Xumo is a nice application, well put together, with nice transparent menus, and it does have a lot of content to offer. With Zumo, you are going to have a nice sleek user interface, transparent menus, dedicated areas where you can browse through your different content, your video on demand, your live TV, your movies, your TV shows, and a lot more categories for you to check out.

So I have reviewed Xumo over the past couple of times, and every time I go back to it, it looks like they’re adding something new so this definitely should be on your radar if you haven’t checked it out or at least done yourself a favor install it and see what it has to offer.

Tubi: Movies & Live TV

Number three, in my opinion, is Tubi. You know, Tubi has been around for a while, and this is owned by Fox, so this is a legitimate service like the rest on this list. Again, this is going to be ad-supported television, so Tubi is going to offer loads of content, including your live TV, even some live sports, as well as your movies and TV shows.

Now remember that this is owned by Fox, so a lot of the Fox content you are going to find in the user interface is one of the best in the business, and this has been one of my go-to applications over the past couple of years. Like any other on the list, this is going to be free to install, no sign-up is required, download it on your respective device, and go ahead and check it out. These are going to have cable TV-style menus, guides, and again, ad-supported, 100% free, and 100% legal also.

Pluto TV: Watch TV & Movies

Pluto TV Watch TV & Movies app

Number two for me is Pluto TV, and that’s all I have to say. Pluto is probably the most popular free streaming application that’s currently available. Millions and millions of people actually own this application, stream this application on a regular basis, and this app is well worth it, and it has a lot to offer.

Don’t have to get into the details, but you have free movies, free TV shows, video on demand, some live sports, some 24-hour channels, hundreds of channels, video on demand movies, TV shows, and if you’re a cord-cutter, this is definitely a must-have in my opinion. Now Pluto has been around for a long time, it is owned by Paramount Plus.

Now again, this is trending towards free ad-supported television that we’ve all become accustomed to, so definitely check out Pluto TV. If you don’t know about Pluto TV, go to your app store, download it now, and let me know what you think in the comment section.

The Roku App

So number one, in my opinion, is The Roku Channel. Now when I think of The Roku Channel, you’re probably thinking this is only available on Roku devices, and it’s not. This can be downloaded on your Fire TV stick. I do have it on my Fire Stick, works well.

The Roku Channel, in my opinion, is probably one of the largest libraries for free content that’s currently available on any streaming device. Tons of movies, tons of TV shows, video on demand, live sports, 24-hour channels, just anything that you can think of The Roku Channel is going to have it.

So definitely check out The Roku Channel if you didn’t know about it. If you don’t own a Roku device, you should be able to download it on your Fire TV stick, use it as you would on a Roku device, and this, did I get this correct? is an amazing application to have.

Ending Note: So guys these are the TOP 5 Free Streaming Apps For 2024. You can download all of the apps from the Google Play Store. So this is all for today’s article. We hope you will like our article. If you like it leave a comment and don’t forget to share it with your fellow Android users. And we will see you in our next article. Bye!

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