Surfshark Vs NordVPN: Battle Of the BEST VPNs in 2024


Hi guys how are you hope you all are fine. Welcome back, Saturday this article we going to compare Surfshark vs NordVPN. Any best VPN wouldn’t just have stellar security. Oh, no. It would also come at a terrific value. This is why, first, we’re going to take a look at the prices and deals on Surfshark vs NordVPN, because we’re going to see who comes out on top.

So guys in case you’re new over here, my name is Shahid and I have been a blogger for sense 4 years. Also, I’ve been an Apple iOS and Android user for the past 10 years. Also, I love to write blogs to share my knowledge in the form of blogs with more and more people. Alright, let’s just get right into it.

I Compared Best VPN Services In 2024: Surfshark Vs NordVPN


let’s go ahead and actually start with NordVPN because their pricing is pretty average in the industry, and I’d say it’s well, even on the cheaper side, when you get their long-term deal. It really does save a lot of money going for that two-year plan.

Now, if we look at Surfshark, well, it ends up being one of the most affordable VPNs on the market and even has a slight advantage because it doesn’t place any limits on how many devices you can use simultaneously. And they allow that no matter which plan you choose.

So point Surfshark, because when just looking at pricing, Surfshark is the more affordable option. But you know what, there are other factors to figure in here, and we’re going to explore those differences a little bit later on. Price is, well, what you pay, right? But value is what you actually get in return for that said payment.

Surfshark Vs NordVPN security capabilities

So now let’s look at security capabilities. Here we can see NordVPN and Surfshark take security very seriously and have implemented all the necessary measures. They use similar top-of-the-market encryption, and both NordVPN and Surfshark operate on RAM-only servers. For those of you who don’t know, that means your data is purged whenever the server is rebooted, which is often. That way it can’t be recovered or delivered to a three-letter agency.

Both also have a kill switch feature, which is an advanced security measure that prevents your data from being leaked by blocking Internet access when it detects any unprotected connections. Now, I’ve tested both providers and neither had DNS leaks as expected. But you know what? It’s still nice to confirm that they deliver on what they promise.

And when it comes to those other security features, there are some small differences for this NordVPN and Surfshark comparison. But to be truly transparent, people tend to be a little trepidacious with Surfshark thanks to its jurisdiction. All right, so let’s sum up security in this Surfshark Vs NordVPN comparison.

I have to say NordVPN takes the edge here. You see, while jurisdiction might not be a huge issue in this case, it still might be a deal breaker if you’re a privacy buff. So let me know what you think down below. All right,

Differences in features

so now let’s take a look at some key differences between some features NordVPN and Surfshark each have to offer. Nord and Surfshark VPN have very similar implementations of split tunneling, which allows you to route only particular apps through the VPN or exclude others from that VPN connection. Now, in both instances, this eliminates the need to disconnect from the VPN when I need to connect directly.

Each provider offers this feature, but only on Windows and Android, which, come on, leaves me a little bit disappointed. I mean, split tunneling is one of the most useful features a VPN can offer for gamers, and, well, this also leaves Mac and iPhone users high and dry. Now, there’s this GPS spoofing feature that only Surfshark has, and I really like it. It allows me to spoof my location on Android devices so I can trick some websites and apps that use my geographical location to put me somewhere I’m not.

And what about getting rid of malware? Well, Surfshark’s clean web is actually good at stopping ads while also blocking access to malicious sites. And NordVPN has a similar feature, but they call it their threat protection. Now, it detects malware as it’s being downloaded and instantly gets rid of it. So look, both become quite the cybersecurity bundle when you consider this antivirus addition.

But Surfshark takes the lead here, letting you customize your scans, and has even been tested by independent third parties, catching slightly under 100% detection in zero-day and four-week-old malware, too. However, there’s an extra cost for the Surfshark One package.

Which one has better performance?

Okay, now, what about performance? Which one’s faster? Now, specifically for this Surfshark versus NordVPN review, I’ve tested both providers on four different locations with a baseline just above 300 Mbps. Now, closer servers didn’t have much effect on my speeds, but both providers do slow down quite a bit when you’re connecting to those more distant servers.

Now, there’s no real difference when connecting to one of the US servers. NordVPN shows slightly better speeds when connected to the UK, but still not a huge difference. Now, the further away the servers are, yep, the bigger the speed differences I can see and sometimes feel. It looks like the speeds are actually favoring NordVPN this time around.

So yeah, at least in my test, NordVPN performed better, but Surfshark did not show bad results at all, especially when connecting to not-so-distant servers. Okay, so I think it’s fair to say that NordVPN pulls ahead when it comes to performance.

Which VPN should you get for streaming?

Okay, now, did you know that NordVPN and Surfshark are considered to be the greatest VPN options for streaming foreign content Yeah, that’s because they are. NordVPN has the most servers, while Surfshark covers the most countries. Both have their advantages and when it comes to streaming, well, a large server fleet can help when particular IPs get banned.

Yeah, you just have to switch servers, so a bigger amount of countries gives you access to more geoblock content. As expected, neither NordVPN nor Surfshark struggled when unblocking foreign libraries that some other VPNs have problems accessing.

During my test, I was able to get through to some UK exclusives and managed to connect to Japan and plenty of other foreign locations with both services. So if you’re looking for a VPN for streaming, just take note of things like server counts, device limits, and speeds. Otherwise, there are only very small differences in terms of performance between these two.

Bypassing countries’ restrictions

Another feature that both of these VPNs provide is obfuscated servers. They’re specialized servers that will scramble my traffic to make it look like a non-VPN. So it basically allows me to bypass any VPN prohibitions, also, NordVPN has double VPN and Onion over VPN features, and that gives you even more for your encrypted VPN connection, while Surfshark uses obfuscated servers whose algorithms hide the fact that you’re even using a VPN at all, allowing you to sidestep those restrictions. Now, you know, there is one really nice thing that Surfshark can offer to counteract all that other stuff, and that’s their dynamic multi-hop feature, that allows you to connect via two VPN servers.

Final Verdict

So look, these two VPNs are quite similar, and I’d even say they’re pretty consistent with a lot of different use cases. But IMHO, NordVPN is the best when it comes to high levels of security, privacy, and fast speeds, while Surfshark is more affordable and does offer those unlimited connections. So with those things considered, my final verdict for this Surfshark vs NordVPN review, is that Nord takes the edge in a few areas, but your decision is going to depend on your specific needs.

Ending Note: So guys this is the comparison between Surfshark Vs NordVPN. So you can download both of the apps from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store as well. Hope this article adds something to your knowledge. So this is it for today’s article we will see you in our next article. Bye!

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