7 Best Email Apps for 2024 That You Need To Know


So today we’re going to dive into the best email apps on the market in 2024. We’re going to help you find the right one for you and give you all the insights that you need to know. If you’re interested in any of the email apps mentioned in this video, dive into the description to find them all as well as in-depth reviews over on Tool Finder.

So welcome everyone! my name is Shahid and I have been a web developer and blogger for the past 10 years. And in that time I have used so many Email Apps to organize my tasks and improve my productivity. So today we’re diving into the best email apps.

7 Best Email Apps That You Need to Know In 2024

So the first one on our list is one that is a little more expensive but one of the more premium email apps on the market, and that’s Superhuman. The Superhuman is probably the best email experience on the market if money were no object. I mentioned money because it’s priced at $30 per month, which is a little bit cheaper than the annual pricing however largely this application is designed for those who spend maybe 3 to 4 hours on email each day and want to enhance that experience.

Now the application itself is really fast and it’s available on Mac and Windows as well as iPhone and Android and it is very rapid. It’s much faster than Gmail, it loads email searches for emails and sends emails very fast and everything from moving between emails and managing emails is probably the best I’ve seen from reviewing productivity apps for some time with email.

Now Superhuman also has a few AI features more recently launched allowing you to craft up a better email, summarize your emails, and also respond fast which is a great addition. A lot more AI features coming on the roadmap I’m sure but they also allow you to manage your calendar in there too which is a great feature for saving time switching between that and the calendar function here.

Spark Mail

So number two is one called Spark Mail and it’s developed by a company called Redo. The Redo is one of the most respectable productivity apps creators on the market. They have lots of different apps including the likes of Calendars, PDF Expert, and many more as part of their suite of productivity tools but Spark is really nice it comes with a clean user interface.

And what I say is it’s the best all-around email application meaning it is going to be on a wide range of devices but it comes with a friendly fast user interface that maybe not be to the premium level superhuman but delivers a really great all-around experience for the premium users you can utilize priority inbox for managing emails coming into your system that is more priority than the other ones.

And there are a bunch of features in the app that you can use with AI and also manage your inbox much smarter the settings page is full of different ways to customize your account and the premium isn’t vastly expensive in comparison with other tools on the market for what you get as the experience.


Number three is Missive. Now for those who don’t know, Missive is a collaborative email application so it’s not just designed for individuals, it’s also available for small teams that want to coordinate email together. And what I mean by that is if you’re writing lots of emails to people or getting customer support emails in and you want to collaborate on those then you can do that in Missive and you can leave assignments, tasks even a bunch of extensions and integrations with apps like Todoist open Ai and many more all inside of Missive.

I actually used Missive for about 3 years a couple of years ago now and it was a really customized experience meaning you can literally change everything from the gestures to how it looks and really make this customized experience. And what’s great is if you’re somebody that may be an entrepreneur or a freelancer and you’re looking to scale your team it’s not just good as a personal email experience very fast easy to use and has loads of customization.

But it’s good if you want to scale and add new team members to help collaborate on email which means you can leave comments for them assign stuff to other people and collaborate over multiple email inboxes which is very helpful for saving a lot of time, especially as a small team. So I would check out Missive if you’re looking for a more advanced email experience but you’re also open to collaborating on email in the future or you’re open to it as you are right.

Spike Mail

Now next up is Spike Mail and you may have heard of this one because it’s sort of like if Slack and email had a baby. What the application does is allow you to communicate with somebody by email as if you’re writing a message. It has that very much that unique design allowing you to collaborate there but Spike also has a really nice user interface allowing you to just scribble between messages and also chat with team members if they have Spike mail too.

They have an entire team workspace plan which means you can collaborate not just on emails but also on the likes of documents tasks and much more which allows people to be a little bit more collaborative and maybe even replace Slack Connect which a lot of people pay for in a company because it allows you to with the team pricing plans and the team domain to essentially start collaborating with other people that are outside of your company so that has lots of benefits to it having that unified communication in one space.

So I would look at it more for those who are looking for conversational email and looking to bring all of their messaging and communication inside one application because it’s good for internal and external communication.

HEY Email

Next up is Hey Email. Now Hey is developed by the folks from 37 Signals which is a very well-known productivity company and to be honest I checked out a couple of years ago and I was very impressed. The experience requires you when you get started to get a hey.com domain name so you can get like if it’s available the name of yourself maybe Francesco@hey.com and start emailing from that.

Some people may ask that hey.com email might be like starting again but you can forward your Gmail emails there and if you decide not to use a service and cancel your subscription you can have it forward any hey.com emails going forward meaning you can keep the alias and you can keep things going forever which is a good bet.

And it doesn’t just have email anymore it has a calendar function too but let’s look at the email experience. It does offer probably what I would consider the most productive email experience on the market. It’s got something called an inbox and a bunch of different ways like send and reply later and also ways to split out your emails and also ways to gatekeep away from people sending new emails to you.

There are a bunch of new ways that you can combat email by doing things in a much more productive sense think of everything you’ve learned about email over the last 20-30 years that you’ve learned and is ingrained into your routine and basically erase it because Hey chooses to take an approach that is much more productive and much more priority focused on your inbox.

Canary Mail

Next up is Canary Mail. Now this one is an AI-based email application that’s been growing fairly rapidly in the market. It primarily focuses on doing smaller activities for you and comes with something called a co-pilot which helps you to organize your inbox but also it helps you to prioritize emails that might be important.

For example, a flight that you might be taking, it might bring up that email through the co-pilot using artificial intelligence to scan your inbox and find the right one for you. Now to be honest if this is something that worries you with artificial intelligence scanning your inbox then obviously it might not be for you but a lot of these email applications are going to be done in the future so worth checking out Canary Mail.

Newton Mail

If you’re interested, our final email app recommendation is one called Newton Mail. I actually used this app six or seven years ago. And I discovered that it is a great app for managing email. But now largely it’s a really friendly and easy-to-use email application.

What it does really well is it comes at a fairly reasonable price these days. If you look at the market like Superhuman which is $30 a month, even Hey Email which is $99 a year, Newton Mail is actually $49.99 a year and you get all cross-platform devices with that and all features.

And it’s not going to blow you away like Superhuman but it’s going to give you a reliable email experience, a little bit like Spark Mail more of an all-around experience for managing your inbox. So largely Newton Mail is probably one I recommend more for all-around use versus a specific use, probably upgrades what you’ve got with something like Gmail and just takes you a little bit further.


So there are loads of emails on this list and hopefully, we can give you the best one for you. So what I would say is the best collaborative one on this list is Missive. It works very well while some of these do have collaborative functions this one is the best one.

But if you’re looking for a super productive email, I’d take a look at Hey Email. I think it’s really worth your time if you’re looking to invest in how you do email and manage it. And finally, the best all-rounder I would have to say is Spark Mail. This is a fantastic one that provides you with an all-round nature to managing your inbox and does come with a generous free plan as well. So, folks, I hope you enjoyed this deep dive review into the best of email apps for 2024.

Ending Note: So these are the 7 best email Apps that will absolutely help you to achieve your maximum potential at work and be more productive. So guys you can download both note-taking apps from the Google Play Store. So that is all for today’s article hope you will find the best email app for you and if you find this article worth it then don’t forget to share it it will help us to grow more and we will see you in our next article. Bye!

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