Best HABIT-TRACKING Apps in 2024: Reviewed!


There are lots of different ways to track your habits, and for some people that’s a to-do list app, and for other people, that’s a habit-tracking app. And if you’ve not heard of a habit-tracking app, it’s a great way to create a new routine and start working towards a goal that you have been working on. Now let’s dive into the best habit trackers on the market in 2024.

Welcome, everyone, my name is Shahid. I have been a web developer and a blogger for the past 10 years. I’m very excited to dive into this article. So, the best habit-tracking applications are ones that you can use to create a solid routine and habit and get into that process. And that comes in a variety of different ways, reminders, maybe even ways that you can see statistics and data breakdowns so that you can get really deep into your habit and get going with it.

Best HABIT-TRACKING Apps in 2024 To Improve Your Productivity


Habitify app logo

The first app on our list is the likes of Habitify. Habitify is a really good all-around option for iOS and Mac users, as well as Android. It also provides you with a general experience. It has good abilities where you can create a habit for the morning, afternoon, or evening and then start tracking the analytics on it each time you do one.

What I like about Habitify in particular is that it’s really well built but also comes with a sense of general approach to your habits. You can also set up reminders as well in premium to really make sure you’re not missing anything. So this, I would say, is probably the best all-rounder, especially for mobile devices.


Number two is Superhabit. Now, this one is actually limited to iOS, but what I like about it is the visual nature of how they do the tracking of your habits. Very simply, what you can do is start tallying them away, start focusing on your habits, and you can see what your streaks are with them.

But what happens is you get a nice chart of what days you did them and what days you didn’t, which means you want to fill in as many as you can. And this is really popular, I believe, in coding as well, to be able to see the progression you’re making with all the commits that you’ve done across a year. So, this one is going to be super popular for anyone who likes to visually see all of that.


Habiticas app logo

Next up is Habitica, and if you’ve heard of this one, it’s because it’s very much of a game. It’s a combination of a game and a productivity app because what it does is you create a character and you can start working on your habits and tasks inside this app. And then what happens is you get XP towards earning new weapons, new costumes inside of the application, and essentially you build your character up to basically get XP points, get new attire, and things like that.

And it’s very much trying to reward you for the progress you’re making. You can set up custom rewards, you can meet people in the application, and it’s very much of an RPG-type game to help you to get into a routine and habit. So if you want to combine a game and habit tracking app, this is the one to go for.


Now, next up is one called Conjure Habits, and to be honest, when I first looked at this one, I was like, ‘Wow, this one is probably the most advanced to-do list application I’ve ever seen.’ And it is a really well-rounded one as well. It puts together a really nice experience if you’re looking to try and track a goal and objective at the same time. And there’s a bunch of features that you can set up in types of rules, settings that really do enhance that. So, if you’re looking for a super advanced habit tracker, Conjure is one to check out.”

Not Boring Habits

Next up is Not Boring Habits, and this one is not boring. It’s a gamified habit-tracking application developed as part of the Not Boring Software. And this set of software is not boring because they’re very beautiful in the way that they’ve approached it. Now, this is great for building new habits and breaking old ones and is a really interactive approach to managing your habits but also enjoy coming back to the application to set that habit and keep the ball rolling.

Everyday Habits

Everyday app logo

Number six is again a very visual one and is great for web as well as Google Chrome. If you use Google Chrome, you can set it as your new tab, meaning every time you open a new tab, you can see your habit there. And sometimes for those people, they want to be able to get into a consistent routine and be able to see that habit or maybe the progress you’re making.

This is a great extension, but it also comes on the web as well and allows you to track multiple habits in premium. But I believe there’s a limitation in the free plan to about three, which is typical in the habit-tracking space. But Everyday Habits is an interesting one and one to check out if you’re looking for something very visual and be able to keep that progression going as you open a new tab in Chrome.


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Number seven is called Streaks, and it’s one of the first productivity apps that I ever saw. I remember being in a Starbucks, and they were giving it away for free, but it comes on iOS, and it’s one of the most easy-to-use of habit-tracking options in this list. It’s very visual because you can just click in and start that habit but also see the analytics behind each one as you can complete it.

It’s all sort of like a dashboard for your habits, allows you to set them going, and is again a lot of a sort of one-off cost option. I believe it’s priced at $4.99, so again, it is a one-off cost and you can start using it, but is very simple in nature and very easy to use and definitely has a place in my heart. I got a coffee as well as a free app.


Number eight is a to-do list application called TickTick, and this actually has a habit-tracking function in the Android and I believe iOS versions as well. It’s actually released in TickTick 5, but it essentially allows you to track your habits alongside your to-dos. So if you’re somebody who needs an all-around to-do application and doesn’t want to have a separate habit-tracking app, then this is a great option because it combines both of them.


Productive app icon

Now, number 10 is Productive, and it is more of trying to get you into routine habits. It’s good not just for planning your day with habits but also for trying to replicate habits that are successful. It’s got a bunch of templates on that but it also has a personal assistant-type approach to maintaining and tracking your goals.

It’s a little bit more on the expensive side when it comes to the options on this list, more towards the higher end, $33.99 per month. But at the same time, it comes as really well recommended on iOS and Android. And those who enjoy it have a bunch of other applications which are developed by the same developer that you can use alongside of it as well.

Ending Note: So guys these are the best habit-tracking apps in 2024 to improve your productivity at max. So this is all for today’s article. You can download both of the apps from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. So guys if you find this article helpful then share the article this will help us to reach more people. Thank you so much for reading our article and we will catch you in our next article. Bye!

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