Good Notes Note-Taking App Review: The BEST Note-Taking App for Everyone


Are you looking for the best note-taking app for every platform? Then maybe going to tell you that Good Notes is the best app for not taking across every platform. Whether it’s Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS. That is where today we are going to review the Good Notes app. And sharing with you every pros and cons of using the Good Notes app.

My name is Shahid and I have been a blogger for sense 4 years. Also, I’ve been an Android and iOS user for the past 10 years, and in these 10 years, I have been using Good Notes for a very long time that is why today I am going you a I complete review of Good Notes app. So without wasting any more time let’s dive into it.

Good Notes 6: AI Note-Taking, AI Math Assistance, Dynamic Templates & more

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Intro of Good Notes App

I’ve been a Good Notes user for a really long time now and it’s actually been my kind of go-to Note Taker on the iPad for a fair few years and now Good Notes has evolved it’s no longer Good Notes 5 but we’re now on Good Notes 6 and there’s a lot of focus on that threaded word Ai and there’s a bunch of other little usability updates in here which are definitely worth talking about

Things I Really Like!

First up let’s talk about the new features which I really like and I think are really decent additions to the overall experience. First is circle to lasso which is such a great feature basically this lets you Circle some text that you’ve got and then when you long press it with the apple pencil you can move it around you can also do this with your finger.

But if you’re anyone like me and you often run out of space or anything like that and you want to move text around you have to jump back and forth on the lasso tool to do it not anymore you can just circle it and move it I absolutely love that I think it’s fantastic.

The second one is scribble to delete this one’s kind of obvious but basically, if you write something wrong you can literally just scribble it out now rather than having to go into the rubber tool and then back or double tap the pencil you can just do that with a quick scribble which is great. If your handwriting is not drawing up like mine isn’t you can actually scribble out little bits of words as well and just go back to what you were doing it’s really great.

Another new feature I really like is the spelling correction with AI so while you’re handwriting good notes will spell check as you go and then underline anything that it doesn’t recognize and then if you long press on it it will actually give you some spelling correction and then it will use a little bit of AI to try and fill in where you went wrong.

This isn’t perfect right now it’s a little bit wonky and if your handwriting isn’t massively neat like mine it can often look like you’ve spelled something wrong when you haven’t really you’re just being a bit sloppy. But also if it corrects a word within a sentence sometimes the corrected spelling will go over the other words you’ve got in that sentence which just makes it look a bit messy.

It’s also worth mentioning that even though this was added with Good Note five it’s quite a late feature to get added you now have a full audio recording and Good Note 6. So if you’re listening to a lecture or anything like that and you want to record while you’re taking notes that’s a simple tap of the button and I’m really happy that that’s here.

The UI had a bit of a tweak as well so now it’s a little bit easier if you want to type up notes with the keyboard or if you want to move to the pen and you’ve got contextual menus on that. Which I think aren’t the neatest but at least they’re really obvious where the difference is.


Jumping to the main interface you can actually now finally color your folders and even give them an icon as well I don’t know why it took them so long to get around to this. But I’m really happy it’s here it just means going through your notes and putting them in files and folders and then marking them accordingly is just easier.

There’s also a Marketplace within the app now that’s really obvious to go to and while it’s quite small there are not loads in here I think it’s good that this app has it it’s nice to kind of scroll through things and if you need a new notebook or if you want to look at anything else on there you can and it’s got its own dedicated space whereas before it always felt like an afterthought so it’s nice to have that fully integrated now.

You can now also completely customize your notebook templates which is great this feels a little overdue as well. But you can now pick your paper type paper size and notebook cover and then have that as your own templates you can just make loads of them if you need to.

The future I have been waiting for a very long Time!

Now the final update and the one that I’m actually kind of most excited about in a way is the fact that Good Notes is now finally cross-platform which is fantastic. I used to mark Good Notes down a little bit because you could never access it on the web or on Windows. But now you can it’s on iPad iPhone Android Windows Mac everything and on the web as well.

Although I don’t think the web client is out yet and I just can’t seem to find it. But yeah this is great it means wherever you write your notes and especially if you’re a student if you write them at home and then you’re using a college computer back at school or something like that you still have access to those notes which is great.

Things I Don’t Like!

All right let’s talk about bad points because actually there are quite a few to go along with the good ones too first up this isn’t a brand new separate app this is Good Note 5 just updated to Good Notes 6. This means if you’re on Good Notes 5 you’re going to be constantly kind of pushed to upgrade to 6 and sometimes if your app store is upgrading automatically it will just push you over to good note 6.

Now you can roll this back in settings on good note 6 but it couldn’t be more obvious they want you to leave that behind and that’s totally understandable. But good note 6 has now moved to a subscription-based service, Now the pricing on this overall is another bad point it’s just really kind of confusing and not all features are with everything.

There’s a free tier which is kind of fair enough good notes there’s always a paid thing so to have a free tier is awesome you get a few books and you can kind of just test it out which is fine. There’s a yearly subscription which is 9.99 which kind of gives you access to absolutely everything that’s clearly the one they want people on and then there’s also a one-time purchase which is 29.99.

This is just a one-off purchase that gives you everything but it doesn’t give you access to the multiple clients so you can only access it on your iPad which is just really strange. I kind of understand they can’t just give away those apps for free. But having a one-off pricing for those two would maybe help with that.

But that brings me to the next point is this overall kind of messaging about the pricing and what happens with Good Notes 5 has just been kind of weird as well. It only takes a quick look at their Twitter feed when they announce six to see all the issues that have come up and no one really knows what’s going on with all their Good Notes five and their websites had a few updates to try and explain better what’s going on.

So I really feel like that could have just been handled better and if you’ve paid for Good Notes on your Mac before like I had that app has now just gone so if you’re on Good Notes 5 then using that app on the computer you can’t anymore, Which is just kind of bad the whole thing should have been exciting but it’s kind of been more of a weird kind of upgrade path with no massive information which I think has been a real shame.

Also going back to the Good Notes app as a whole there are also no internal links to different pages within your notes either which is kind of a request that I feel like we’ve been asking for for the longest time and this would be a perfect way to roll it out but that’s still not here yet either.

Other features and updates!

So that’s what I like and what I don’t like but there are some things that are actually kind of really tough for me to comment on because they’re just not directed at me and they’re just features that I won’t really use. The first up with that is the maths AI help this is a feature which takes things like equations and sums and all of those sorts of things and then the AI will turn them into kind of text in real-time and also give you the answers if you need them.

You can also download previous maths papers or SATs and things like that and then answer those questions in real time in a proper kind of test scenario which is awesome I kind of wish that was there when I was at school. But yeah that’s tough for me to comment on I haven’t the maths in a long time so I don’t even know if it’s correcting it right. Because I just don’t know much about maths anymore I do really like the fact that you can download previous exams though.

I think that’d be awesome if they could do that across all the countries and then also bring them to different subjects as well. I can imagine science tests and English tests being on there that would be really awesome so that’s something I would love to see. Another is that they’re promising loads of new features as well and that’s awesome.

It’s always great to see when a company is promising to bring new updates to an app but you should kind of never buy an app based on what they’re promising to deliver you should get it on what’s out right now. But they do have some cool stuff planned it looks like it’s an AI chatbot coming and there are loads of other community feedback features.

You can see on the website which they’re addressing too but again hard for me to comment on because I don’t know if those features are actually coming or not.

My Final Thoughts

So my final thoughts and do I overall think it’s worth upgrading to or using and that probably is answer enough for a lot of you out there. I do think this is a good upgrade in general though it’s better than Good Notes 5 in pretty much every single way. Some of the new AI stuff although we’re a little bit gimmicky right now shows some cool promise of the future and I think the new gestures and UI just speed up the whole process which is always good you can never complain about that.

However, I’m not sure it warrants the upgrade to Good Note 6 like a full numbered release this definitely feels like a 5.5 or something like that, and more than anything it kind of feels like a way of Good Notes getting people onto this new subscription pricing rather than releasing like a fully-fledged all singing all dancing all the exciting new app.

I don’t hold good notes kind of wholly responsible for moving to a subscription pricing that’s kind of happening across the board now. But my only other feedback on that is when does it all end what’s to stop a calculator popping up monthly or any other app for that matter?

So I think if you’re on Good Notes 5 and you’re totally happy with it you’ll probably get updated on Good Notes 6 anyway but you can just roll it back and continue using it, But if you are new to Good Notes then you’re not going to have a choice this is the only version of it you can use. And I think that’s pretty much what I can say I’m going to take the upgrade I think good note 6 is good enough and I think 10 pounds a year isn’t too bad.

But if you’re using Good Notes 5 and you’re more than happy with it then just keep using that because really it’s absolutely fine so that rounds up all my thoughts about Good Note 6. I hope you love the article I also love to know what you think what do you think about this new pricing structure and what do you think about the app in general leave a comment below because I love to read through those.


Ending Note: So guys this is a complete review of the Good Notes app. So that is it for today’s article if you find something worth it in this article then don’t forget to share it with your fellow ones and we will see you in our next article. Bye!

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