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Are you an Android user and looking for the best note-taking app for Android? Then you must hear about Samsung Note and GoodNotes. If you are also confused about which Note-Taking app you need to install for the best Note-taking experience. Then don’t worry you come to the right article in this article we are going to compare Samsung Notes vs GoodNotes.

My name is Shahid and I have been a blogger for sense 4 years. Also, I’ve been an Android user for the past 10 years, and in these 10 years, I have tried both of them. That is why today I am comparing both of them side by side and give you a complete review of Samsung Notes vs GoodNotes. So this article is most beneficial for every Android user who wants to install a Note-Taking app. So without wasting any more time. Let’s start today’s comparison article.

Samsung Notes vs GoodNotes for Android: Which Note-Taking App Wins?

Intro of Samsung Notes And GoodNotes

Samsung Notes or GoodNotes for Android, which one is better? If you have a Samsung Tablet consider yourself lucky as you have access to all the best note-taking apps available for Android. As of today, you can only access GoodNotes for Android if you have a Samsung Tablet. You can download it from the Galaxy Store. Before we even begin, I would like to give you an upfront conclusion, if you want a better writing experience then go for Samsung Notes, let me explain. My name is Prithwiraj and let’s get started.

Let’s start with talking about Samsung Notes a little. I must say Samsung has really taken Notes from Apple Notes. Sorry about that… They have created a very powerful note-taking app. It basically covers everything you need to create and organize your notes. Similarly for GoodNotes, GoodNotes has been a veteran when it comes to the best note-taking apps for the iPad. The writing experience of GoodNotes has been unparalleled for the iPad. I personally use GoodNotes as my primary note-taking app for the iPad. So let’s see how these two apps stack up against each other.

User Interface

First things first, how is the UI? Well, I must say both the apps have nailed this aspect quite nicely. Everything here is very simple and right in front of you. Both of the apps allow you to organize and navigate your notes from the left side panel here. You can create various folders and notebooks to organize your notes. The layout of both the apps is very similar.

You have all the controls at the top. You can switch between different pens, colors, and sizes from here. You also have quick toggles for choosing between different colors and sizes, which can be really useful to speed up your workflow. I personally feel both of the apps are well-designed. It won’t really overwhelm you with unnecessary features. You can import media on both of them. You can add photos and scan documents.

Also, you can import PDFs on both of the apps; you will be able to read your textbooks and assignments quite easily on them. And also, you will be able to take book notes and use the highlighter tool to create highlights in the text. Samsung Notes takes it a step further as you can attach audio files as well as voice recordings. With the launch of GoodNotes 6 for the iPad, you actually have a dedicated segment called audio recordings. But as of today, we don’t.


have that feature. GoodNotes 6 introduced many advanced features including spell check and other AI features for the iPad. But they are all missing on the Android version of GoodNotes. I previously created a video on GoodNotes for Android where I talked about all the flaws and features in detail. You can check that out by clicking the I button just right now else I will leave a link in the description as well. There are many things that’s just not here.

We have a dedicated text tab on Samsung Notes in case you want to manage some text-based notes. And again, this is missing on GoodNotes for Android. You can create text blocks and add your text there. But you don’t have a dedicated area for text as of now.

Samsung Notes clearly has the win in this aspect. You have all the text formatting options you need. Bold, italics, underlines, well you get the point. And yeah, Samsung Notes also allows you to convert your handwritten notes into text, if that’s something you might need then yeah it’s there in Samsung Notes.

You get some other additional features with GoodNotes though. Like you add stickers to customize your notes. You can also add sticky notes here. I really like this feature to be honest. If there’s something important in your notes that you might have to remember then you can simply write it down on a sticky note. It will help you give more attention to that.

And also, if you’re enjoying this video so far then I would really appreciate it if you could hit that subscribe button for more such videos. That would definitely help me out a lot. Let’s compare the most important aspect of handwritten note-taking apps. How is the writing experience? I have been using GoodNotes for iPad.


the writing experience on Samsung Notes. Writing here felt really smooth. Didn’t face any issues here and it was super smooth. Since it’s a native app by Samsung, it is optimized the most for the S Pen. And yeah, you can literally feel that while writing here. I write really fast, I don’t really care about my handwriting. It was able to keep up with me really nicely. GoodNotes also feels really fast. But I have already mentioned its issues with that. Speaking of the writing experience, I have to hand it to Samsung Notes. It simply is so much optimized for the S Pen.

Finally, let’s talk about the pricing of the two apps. Well, as you know, Samsung Notes is the default app, hence it’s completely free to use. GoodNotes, on the other hand, allows you to create 3 notebooks for free in the trial version. The subscription price is $6.99 per year in the United States, please correct me if I am wrong as I am not really sure about the US Pricing.

But you do have two options to choose from. GoodNotes for Android and GoodNotes Pro. The subscription price of the normal version costs Rs.699 here in India and the GoodNotes Pro costs Rs.999. The difference between the normal version and the Pro is that you will be able to access the full version of GoodNotes if you have an iPad as well.

So which one should you use? As per the current state, I don’t think it’s worth paying for the subscription to GoodNotes. Samsung Notes simply is so much better, and on top of it, it’s completely free. But I recommend you try out both, you do get a 7-day trial on GoodNotes to take a look at it once and decide. But for now, my bet is on Samsung Notes.

Now that you have decided which app to use, click here to check out 17 note-taking tips that will help you boost your productivity. Thanks for watching, please consider subscribing to my channel. And I hope to see you there.

Ending Note: So that’s pretty much it for this comparison between Samsung Notes vs GoodNotes. You can install both apps from the Google Play Store. So this is all for today’s comparison article. We hope you will like our article. If you like it leave a comment and don’t forget to share it with your fellow Android users. And we will see you in our next article. Bye!

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